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Easy to Make Thai Desserts

Easy to Make Thai Desserts

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Easy to Make Thai Desserts Thai desserts are unique in Thai national culture. They are delicate and delicate in selecting raw materials, meticulous methods of making, delicious and sweet taste. with beautiful colors Appetizing appearance as well as elaborate methods.
In ancient times, Thai people would only make sweets on important occasions, such as making merits, weddings, important festivals, or welcoming important guests. Because some desserts require a lot of manpower and time to do it. Most of them are traditions such as wedding desserts, traditional desserts such as Khanom Krok, dessert cups, etc. The desserts in the fence in the palace will look beautiful. And there is a sophistication and elaboration in the arrangement of beautiful dessert shapes.
Traditional Thai desserts consist of flour, coconut milk and sugar only. For desserts that use eggs as an ingredient, such as Thong Yod, Thong Yib, and Jackfruit seeds, Marie Quimar de Pina (Thao Thong Kip Ma), a Portuguese woman. It is the leading recipe from Portugal.
Thai desserts that are popular in every region of Thailand. In various ceremonies, it is a dessert made from eggs. And it is believed that the names and characteristics of such desserts, such as eating Foi Thong In hopes of living together for a long time, having a long life, eating snacks can be promoted to the salary level. Eating dessert Thong Ek would like to have a masterpiece, etc., which are linked to tradition and Thai culture.
In the reign of King Rama I, cookbooks were published. Including the textbook of Thai desserts as well Therefore, it can be considered that Thai dessert culture has been recorded in writing for the first time. The first Thai cookbook was Mae Krua Hua Pak. And later, when the trade grows in the market, there are many kinds of snacks for sale. And it is the era where Thai desserts are popular.
Classification of Thai desserts Can be divided according to the method of ripening as follows
1. Sweets cooked by stirring. Most of them use gold pans. The stirring process is from a clear liquid until the period. Then pour into molds or trays when cool, then cut into pieces, such as desserts such as desserts, rhombuses, tacos, desserts Sila and various fruits, including sticky rice, red glutinous rice and Kalamae, etc.
2. Steamed snacks Some types pour the mixture into a cup of pinwheel and steam it. Some are inserted into trays or printed. and some are wrapped in banana leaves Or wrapped in coconut leaves, such as Khanom Chan, Phad Chom Muang Rice Porridge, Young Pear, Custard, Kanom Kluay, Khanom Sai, Khanom Thien, Khanom Tan, Khanom Dok Mai and Khao Kruk Pak Mo, etc.
3. Sweets cooked by welding It will put the ingredients into the syrup that is boiling until cooked, such as Foi Thong, Jackfruit seeds, Thong Yod, Thong Yib, Banana syrup and sugar palm syrup, etc.
4. Snacks that are cooked by frying. It will put the ingredients into a pan with hot oil until cooked, such as Khanom Kong, Khanom Bat, Banana Fried, Khao Mao Tod, Khanom Shun and Khanom Nang Led, etc.
5. Snacks that are cooked by steaming or baking, such as Khanom Mo Kaeng, Khanom Klebe Lamduan, Khanom Na Nuan, Sali Kaeng, and Khanom Thong Muan, etc. may also include Khanom Bueng, Khanom Krok and Khanom Dok Lam Chiak. The heat on the stove is also included in this group.
6. Sweets cooked by boiling This type of dessert uses a pot. or a pan to boil water will put the snacks into the pan until cooked and scoop up and mix or sprinkle with coconut, such as sticky candy, peanut candy, Rae-rai dessert and boiled dessert Popularly boiled with coconut milk. Or put the flour mixed into a wet snack. and desserts eaten with syrup and coconut milk, such as sweet potato curry, orchard bananas, sago wet, sarim and lod chong, etc.
Ingredients for cooking Thai desserts Most Thai desserts are made from rice. And will use other ingredients such as containers, colors and natural fragrances. The rice used in Thai desserts is both used in the form of whole grain rice. and rice in flour form There are also other ingredients such as eggs, sugar and coconut, which will be discussed in detail below.
1. Rice and flour by bringing rice to make snacks for Thai people starting from the rice that is not very old. will be soft rice that is milk used to make yaku rice When I get older but the rind is still green, it is used to make rice. Khao Mao that can be used to make many kinds of snacks, such as mashed khao mao, mashed khao mao, khao mao mee, Krayasart. and that are used to make flour such as glutinous rice flour, rice flour, cassava flour is also used As for wheat flour, there is little use. It is often used in foreign-influenced desserts.
2. Coconut and coconut milk. Coconut is used as a component of Thai desserts ranging from young coconuts to mature coconuts as follows:
- Young coconut using meat mixed in desserts such as coconut jelly, wet sago and young coconut custard, etc.
- Shredded Coconut by using a scraper to make shredded carrots Used to mix with boiled rice to tie into a white-headed porridge. and used as shredded coconut, sprinkled on many kinds of desserts such as Kanom Khee, Kanom Khee, which is considered one of the uniqueness of Thai desserts.
- Old coconut, squeezed into coconut milk before putting it in dessert Can be used to make a variety of desserts, such as boiling and mixing with ingredients. such as bananas, orchards, various curries, or scooping coconut milk on top of desserts such as sarim, sago palm, or bua Loi, etc.
3. Sugar. Originally, sugar used to make desserts was sugar from sugar or coconut, in some locales using cane sugar. Sugar was later used.
4. Eggs began to be an ingredient of Thai desserts since the reign of King Narai the Great, which was influenced by Portuguese desserts. The eggs used to make this dessert are beaten until fluffy before being mixed with some desserts such as Thong Yod, Thong Yib and Foi Thong, etc. The egg whites must be separated. and egg yolks apart and use only egg yolks to make desserts.
5. Nuts and sesame are important ingredients in Thai desserts. The use of finely steamed mung bean to make desserts can be found since the Ayutthaya period, such as Kanom Pim Pea made with soybean paste or stir-fried mung bean paste into a bean and sesame mold that are commonly used in Thai desserts as follows:
- Shelled mung beans There are many names such as split peas, golden beans, and mung beans that need to be washed and soaked overnight before being steamed.
- Black beans are used in a few Thai desserts. And put whole grains such as boiled rice, black bean boiled sugar, khao lam and black bean snacks, etc.
- Peanuts, used less, mostly used to sprinkle on sweet lettuce wraps. put in the dessert ja mongkut Put in the roasted form.
- White and black sesame seeds are used as important ingredients in some desserts such as Sesame salad candle dessert Daeng sesame dessert.
4. Bananas, which are associated with many types of Thai desserts, such as Kanom Kluay, Banana Syrup, Banana Stir-Fry, Fried Bananas, or use bananas as fillings such as Banana Filled Sticky Rice, Khao Tom Mud and Khao Mao. Banana Each type of banana when used in desserts sometimes has a different color, for example, egg bananas give a yellow color. But bananas, when connected to a red color, etc.
5. Colors derived from nature and used in Thai desserts are as follows:
- Green is obtained from pandan leaves pounded finely. only squeeze the water.
- Blue from butterfly pea flowers Pick the petals of butterfly pea flowers and soak them in boiling water. If you squeeze a little lemon juice into it, it will turn purple.
- Yellow from turmeric or saffron or Kannikar flower stalks.
- Red from shellac.
- Black color from fire-burned coconut husks Pounded with water and filtered.
6. The aroma used in Thai desserts are:
- The scent of floating jasmine water Use jasmine flowers collected in the morning. Soak it in cold boiled water and let the stalks be submerged in water. Then close the lid and leave it for 1 night, then filter it the next day. used to make sweets.
- Ylang-ylang flower scent It is commonly used for baking dry goods. By picking the petals of the ylang-ylang ylang ylang, pour the candle and bake it until it smells good. Then put the candy jar in the jar and close the lid tightly.
- The smell of baking candles. Light the flames at both ends of the baking candles for a moment and then extinguish. It will be placed in a pinwheel cup. Put it in a jar filled with snacks. Close the cliff tightly. Pandan scent. Cut the cleaned pandan leaves into long pieces. Then put it into the dessert. 
Ancient dessert with elaboration and how to do it in detail use humility embellishment in several steps In the past, people used to send female children into the palace. To dedicate himself to the palace lords in various palaces, to practice various crafts such as embroidery, flower arrangement, and cooking. If you research the old textbooks, there are often quite a few authentic palace snacks. and each requires finesse Meticulous in every step of making Wang's dessert route As for the royal desserts, what are some interesting things.
Bulan Dan Mek Thai Dessert
1. Bulan Dan Mek Thai Dessert It is another famous royal Thai dessert. Which has been inherited since the reign of King Rama 2, inspired by the song “Floating Bulan” or another name is “Bulan floating in the sky” which is a royal song written by His Majesty the King Lertla Napalai, the reign of King Rama 2, which has a history that After the lightning fiddle continued until late at night. went into bed He dreamed that he had gone to a beautiful place.
which the full moon slowly drifted closer shine all around as well as with the sound of Dhipaya orchestra resonating For a long time, he was willing to listen to the beautiful music. After that, the moon slowly drifted away in the sky. with the music gradually faded away Suddenly he woke up in bed. In the musical accent in Subin, there is still a reverie of the Buddha's ear. Therefore, please follow the Maha Lek, the music official. come to the song in the night and bestowed the name of the song “Floating Bulan”
The egg yolk confectionery represents the moon at night. And the blue part of the candy is like the color of the clouds at night. It is often predicted from the drop of the yolk. or horoscope If it comes out beautifully round may be promoted But if it is distorted, it means that the next job will not be good.
Kanom Pra Pai Thai Dessert
2. Kanom Pra Pai Thai Dessert is a popular dessert used in wedding ceremonies, especially in central Thailand. The glutinous rice flour wrapped on the outside conveys a firm consistency. The sweet filling represents the sweet love of the married couple. Generally, there will be a variety of colorful desserts. This recipe is made blue from butterfly pea flower juice. or green from pandan leaves It is a royal dessert that is hard to find.
Tong Aek Thai Dessert
3. Tong Aek Thai Dessert It is a dessert adapted from the dessert of the western people. It is a royal dessert. Contains egg yolk, coconut milk, wheat flour and sugar It has an auspicious name, meaning it is a dessert in the Thong family. which is meticulous It is especially elegant in every process of making.
Layered Thai Dessert
4. Layered Thai Dessert It has a sweet and smooth taste. and has a pandan fragrance It is a royal dessert. It is an auspicious snack that is popularly used in various auspicious events. The ancient people believed that If it can be done up to 9 layers, it will bring prosperity and progress. and flourishing in the position of the host of the event or a wedding ceremony for the newlyweds Currently, it has been adapted to create a bouquet of roses. Or bouquets of various popular and beautiful, not allergic to other types of sweets at all.
Layered Thai Dessert colorful sweets The texture of the dessert is both soft and chewy. It's another kind of chewy Thai dessert. by the beautiful colors of this layered dessert Don't be afraid of harming your body. Because it is a color derived from nature, namely pandan leaves and butterfly pea. The pink part is derived from food coloring. Layers can be found in various countries of Southeast Asia such as Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. 
Inthanin Thai Dessert
5. Inthanin Thai Dessert It is a royal dessert made from flour mixed with fragrance from pandan juice. and stir until sticky and form a lump Along with being eaten with coconut milk that increases the aroma from the candle smoke. before ending with ice that enhances the deliciousness to cool and refresh. When eaten, it has a soft and chewy taste. Perfectly sweet and salty And the aroma of pandan leaves and candle smoked coconut milk may be difficult to find nowadays. But I can assure you that it is another royal dessert that should not be missed because it has a smooth, mellow taste that is definitely refreshing.
Kanom Mor Tan Thai Dessert
6. Kanom Mor Tan Thai Dessert It is believed that Khanom Mot Tan is another royal dessert that many people may not be familiar with. Because nowadays it is very difficult to find food. Due to the way to do it with a lot of steps It's complicated, so it's hard to find someone to do it. And in the past, Khanom Mot Tan was used in wedding ceremonies, so it was called Khanom Moh Silver, Mt Thong, with the appearance of Khanom Mot Tan, similar to a small clay pot. The inside will have different colors from the simmered sugar. The taste of Kanom Tan is crispy with just the right sweetness. It can be said that it is a rare royal dessert that is very appetizing.
Kanom Sanae Chan Thai Dessert
7. Kanom Sanae Chan Thai Dessert with the meaning of this type of dessert will make a charming person There are people who love love Shaped like the fruit of nutmeg. which has a mixture of nutmeg powder in the pastry dough itself The taste of the dessert is sweet but not much. It smells like sandalwood mixed with the scent of candle smoke. and has a softness. Another auspicious Thai dessert that is often found not different from Tok Ek is Sanae Chan, which comes in the shape of a glowing yellow ball, similar to a local fruit luk chan with a yellow ripe fruit. It smells delicious. In the past, the ancient people used the moon fruit to become an auspicious snack. At the top, there are small round balls, brown from palm sugar that have been smoked until the candles are fragrant. It is considered as one of the 9 auspicious desserts that are meant to be auspicious. will make people attractive Therefore, it is commonly used in wedding ceremonies.
Kanom Ko Thai Dessert
8. Kanom Ko Thai Dessert Traditional southern desserts may be delicious and may be difficult to eat. The powder can be made in a natural color or can be colored as you like. Add coconut sugar filling Tossed with grated coconut for added flavor.
Kanom Chor Muang Thai Dessert
9. Kanom Chor Muang Thai Dessert It is a dessert that is difficult to find these days. If it's on sale, it's expensive. If anyone has free time, would like to invite them to cook and eat by themselves. There are both flour and pork filling recipes that have existed since the reign of King Buddhalertla Naphalai, the reign of King Rama II. The maker has to use meticulousness and meticulousness. It is difficult to tuck the bouquet of purple powder into the shape of a flower. The uniqueness of the purple bouquet uses butterfly pea juice as a natural color. And the filling is made with coriander root, garlic and pepper, which are the main condiments in Thai food called sam klao. It is used in proportions, generally used in equal amounts and pounded together before using for cooking or dessert. Making a bouquet of purple is a combination of art and food craftsmanship.
Kanom Dok Chok Thai Dessert
10. Kanom Dok Chok Thai Dessert Kanom Dok Chok is an ancient Thai dessert that has a crunchy, crunchy, sweet taste. It tastes delicious. But today's children often do not know each other well. Because day by day, it's very difficult to find someone to make Kanom Dok Chok. But it's not that nowadays there are no people who eat Kanom Dok Chok. There are still people who do and people like to eat it. Folk wisdom who observes the nature of aquatic plants and the duckweed by creating a dessert shape. or in other words, Khanom Dok Chok is a dessert shaped like a flower that originated in water. In the old days it was very popular. It is one of the desserts held in the event. and important ceremonies such as weddings, ordination parties, and housewarming events, etc. The popularity is not inferior to Thai desserts such as Thong Yib, Thong Yod, or Foi Thong that are popular both in the past and the present. from royal dessert.
Kanom Chor Pakakrong Thai Dessert
11. Kanom Chor Pakakrong Thai Dessert An ancient Thai dessert with a beautiful name such as Khanom Cho Phaka Krong. or candy bouquet It is a modern Thai dessert. Fresh Alua-like ingredients are light wheat flour, sugar and candle-smoked coconut milk. Improved from the recipe of Khanom Chor Kaew, Khanom Chao Wang.
Kanom Kai Hong Thai Dessert
12. Kanom Kai Hong Thai Dessert Currently, the name has been changed to look more appetizing. Khanom Khai Hia is a dessert that has been around for a long time. It is said that since the reign of King Rama 1, King Rama 1 had a wish to eat bad eggs. But since it's not the spawning season, someone thought of making a bad egg snack. It is an ancient royal dessert.
Kanom Luk Chup Thai Dessert
13. Kanom Luk Chup Thai Dessert Authentic royal desserts like At present, it is still a popular dessert that is easy to find and has a delicious taste. and looks delicious Although nowadays there are some modifications to the shape of the desserts according to the creativity of the people who make them to look according to the era. and help attract people to want to eat more But I believe that Khanom Luk Chup still has a uniquely delicious taste in every era. Khanom Luk Chup is a royal dessert in the past Traditional Thai dessert from Portuguese came to be published in Thailand in the reign of King Narai The main ingredient is almond, but in that era, but in order to match Thailand to make it easier to find raw materials, it was converted to green beans instead.
Loy Kaew Kaffir Lime Thai Dessert
14. Loy Kaew Kaffir Lime Thai Dessert Authentic Thai desserts Royal dessert by bringing kaffir lime It is a Thai vegetable and herb that many people would not think could be made into desserts. Catch me Loi Kaew to turn into a Thai dessert. It's also delicious and unbelievably appetizing.
Som Chun Loi Kaew Thai Dessert
15. Som Chun Loi Kaew Thai Dessert Experience the coolness of ice imported from Singapore around the reign of King Rama IV. Floating snacks such as tangy oranges combine the freshness of summer fruits. and the cool aroma of the citrus fruit which is a natural flavor that helps to cool down in the modern era.
Kanom Kleb Lamduan Thai Dessert
16. Kanom Kleb Lamduan Thai Dessert It is another Thai dessert that has its own uniqueness. is a shape that resembles the petals of a Lamduan flower And most importantly, the taste is very sweet and fragrant. Therefore, it is popular with people of all ages.  The ancient people believed that Lamduan flowers were charming at night. and will give off a unique sensuous fragrance, comparable to the meaning of Kleamduan sweets That helps to make the reputation spread and also create beauty for the couple. Therefore, it is commonly used in auspicious occasions.
Kanom Krachao Sida Thai Dessert
17. Kanom Krachao Sida Thai Dessert This royal dessert originated from the Sida basket tree in Ramayana literature.  have distinctive characteristics The desserts are made from beautiful flour shaped like a basket. and the filling Khanom Sida is a dessert that is quite difficult to eat. Because it requires delicacy and delicacy in making desserts. If the makers are not really skilled, the baskets may become distorted and unattractive.
Kanom Sampanni Thai Dessert
18. Kanom Sampanni Thai Dessert This type of royal dessert is recorded from Thao Thong Kip Ma. or the lady of Falcon At that time he was honored as the master of the Kingdom of God's wares. And teaching the Siamese, therefore, was influenced by the Portuguese royal dessert, which has a long history since the reign of Phra Narai. Shaped like a colorful flower. Currently, there are 2 formulas of sampanni: the delicious crispy recipe. and a soft and smooth recipe without baking It is considered a Thai dessert with a sweet taste of coconut milk and sugar. When eaten, it feels like it melts in your mouth. Who likes the scent of candle smoke? You can also smoke candles. In addition to being proud to make delicious Thai desserts for yourself We also had fun and creativity from mixing colors and printed candy in various forms as well.
Kanom Leum Kluen Thai Dessert
19. Kanom Leum Kluen Thai Dessert It is a dessert made from mung bean flour or slime. Mix the floating flower water and sugar. By then stirring until clear. Top with coconut milk which makes it taste sweet, fragrant, salty, and go together very well. Thai desserts, soft and smooth texture When eaten, it slips down the throat until it is the origin of the name of the snack. Smooth texture Eat with coconut milk topping. Garnished with shelled green beans.
Kanom Nam Dok Mai Thai Dessert
20. Kanom Nam Dok Mai Thai Dessert Khanom Nam Dok Mai has another name called Khanom Chak Na. This dessert is sweet and fragrant with jasmine water. I can tell you that you will definitely be fascinated by Thai desserts. There are bright colors that are pleasing to the eye, sweet and succulent for every festival. And the texture is chewy, chewy, soft, and the taste is just right.
Kanom Nam Dok Mai Thai Dessert It is an ancient Thai dessert. The powder is soft and shiny. The dessert has a light color. It is also known as Khanom Chak Na because of the appearance of the dessert with a dimpled face. The highlight of this dessert in the fragrance that comes from floating flowers or floating jasmine water in making jasmine floating water The jasmine flowers used must be planted by themselves. no pesticides Collect jasmine flowers in the evening by removing the sepals. Then float it into a container filled with boiled water, close the lid tightly, and take out the jasmine in the morning to get fragrant jasmine floating water.
Kanom Bueng Thai Dessert
21. Kanom Bueng Thai Dessert It is a royal dessert that is still popular nowadays. and easy to find In the past, the challenge of Khanom Bueng was to smear the flour because it was considered an important step to make Khanom Bueng look appetizing and beautiful. Na Wan, the dessert in front of the shrimp face, uses finely chopped large river prawns mixed with pepper and coriander pounded with shrimp fat. Stir-fry with sugar fish sauce or salt to taste Currently, it is often a red-colored coconut face. The sweet topping contains a mixture of honeydew. Thinly sliced ​​foi thong and dried persimmon, now only foi thong and cream. However, in Suan Sunandha Palace There is another pig face. Mix minced pork with garlic, pepper, pounded coriander root, add paprika and stir until cooked.
Kanom Thong Yib Thai Dessert
22. Kanom Thong Yib Thai Dessert is a Portuguese dessert published in Thailand during the Ayutthaya period by Thao Thongkip Ma. until it is widespread until now Wang's dessert made from egg yolks, beaten until fluffy. before being dropped into boiling syrup to cook When it is cooked, it is then put into a pinwheel cup. Nowadays, it is often used as a dessert in various auspicious events such as weddings, housewarming parties, etc.
Kanom Thong Yod Thai Dessert
23. Kanom Thong Yod Thai Dessert Thong Yod is a type of traditional sweets that Thanpuying Vichayen, formerly Mari Ninya de Guymar, is of Japanese-Portuguese descent, wife of Chao Phraya Vichayen. (Formerly Konstantin Falcol, Greek) Lady Vichyen That position is Thao Thongkip Ma. which is the position of the royal cook by which you have brought Traditional knowledge combined with local knowledge by cooking up new food It is known as Thong Yib, Thong Yod, and Foi Thong. It is considered a fine dessert used in various auspicious events, which Thai people still have a secret to use. sweets that start with gold To create auspiciousness according to the name of the dessert.
Kanom Foi Thong Thai Dessert
24. Kanom Foi Thong Thai Dessert a portuguese dessert by the appearance of golden streaks Made from the yolk of duck eggs. which are simmered in boiling water and sugar The Portuguese used to eat it with bread. with meat main meals and used to eat with cakes It originated from Aveiro, a coastal city in the northwest of Portugal. enter Thailand along with Thong Yod and Thong Yod in the Ayutthaya period During the reign of King Narai the Great It has been adapted from the palace by Maria Giyumar de Piña (Thong Kip Ma, 1659 - 1622), half Portuguese-Japanese. The wife of Chao Phraya Wichayen (Constantine Falcon) Thao Thongkip Ma is responsible for the head of the engine room. He was the cook for the French ambassadors who visited Ayutthaya at that time. Therefore, it can be considered as a royal dessert.
Pandanus Pudding in Coconut Cream Thai Dessert
25. Pandanus Pudding in Coconut Cream Thai Dessert The original color is black from burnt coconut husks. but for convenience This recipe is adapted green using pandan juice. Served with thick coconut milk and roasted sesame seeds in a contemporary style. It is an application of stew from royal desserts.
Kanom Yok Manee Thai Dessert
26. Kanom Yok Manee Thai Dessert It is a royal dessert that few young people will ever see. or have heard Thai desserts usually consist of pandan leaves, sago seeds and sugar. The sweetness and aroma of pandan leaves are unique to Thai desserts. Kanom Yok Manee is a dessert that looks bright green. from sago seeds Mix the green dessert with grated coconut. pick up enough to eat and with a green like jade Therefore, it is called Jade Manee. Classified as another auspicious dessert of Thailand and it must be present in various auspicious events or ceremonies such as housewarming. Which this kind of dessert is made from sago granules and flour mixed with pandan juice that is fragrant. And there is a green color like jade, there is nothing wrong with it. It also has a soft, chewy texture that is sweet enough. and has a slightly salty taste from the salt And to eat with coconut milk or grated coconut is also very delicious.
Kanom Lay Rai Na Pu Thai Dessert
27. Kanom Lay Rai Na Pu Thai Dessert in front of crab, a savory snack of royal people in the past, the recipe was converted from sweet Raerai. strong flavor Very fragrant, crab meat, eaten with soft rye noodles, fragrant, delicious, a Thai dessert that is mentioned in a sweet and savory dish. The powder has a beautiful color. and has a shape that resembles a ray's nest Serve with coconut, coconut milk, and sugar mixed with roasted sesame. It is a royal dessert that is very difficult to find.
Kanom Hantra Thai Dessert
28. Kanom Hantra Thai Dessert It is an ancient dessert, a royal dessert made with bean paste to decorate it to make it look more appetizing. It can be used for both black bean and red bean, but the popular one is mung bean, which is wrapped in an egg to make a beautiful table. Taste of oily sweets, aroma of eggs and smell of bean paste Used for auspicious events, such as Khanom Thong Yib, Thong Yod, Foi Thong, Khanom Knut Jackfruit and Khanom Chan, etc. The name of the dessert is the same as the name of Tambon Hantra. which is in the district of Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province.
Kanom Dok Unchan Thai Dessert
29. Kanom Dok Unchan Thai Dessert It is classified as an ancient Thai dessert. that are hardly sold in the market to be easily seen Because every step of Thai desserts Considered to be time consuming and delicate. From the color combination to look gentle. will make snacks appetizing Mixing flour is an important technique. will make the dessert delicious.
Kanom Yim Sanae Thai Dessert
30. Kanom Yim Sanae Thai Dessert Palace desserts adapted from the Chinese people. It looks like a round ball of candy. When frying, the dessert will have to break apart like a smile. The texture of the candy is crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, fluffy, soft and crumbly. Hard to find even though there are not many ingredients The procedure is not difficult. Plus, the people who make it have to wait to see that the dessert laughs. Will the page be broken as the name of the snack or not? until the person doing it will be happy as well Eat with tea or coffee is delicious.
Kanom Somanat Thai Dessert
31. Kanom Somanat Thai Dessert Khun Thao Thongkipma uses egg whites left over from making desserts. to be converted into a pastry that looks like a western meringue is a royal dessert By adding fragrant roasted coconut into the mix, it is named Khanom Somanat. delicious light texture Plus it conveys the meaning of happiness. Khanom Somanat is a dessert that represents the representation of joy, ecstasy. It is to send happiness and joy from the giver to the receiver. The main ingredient is from coconut and egg white baked by the ancient recipe. Put the molds so they are the same size. The dessert is similar to coconut cookies. according to the traditional Thai dessert style as a valuable souvenir for adults or as a congratulatory dessert for an auspicious event Popular to eat or eat with coffee. It's equally delicious.
Ladyfinger Dumpling Kanom Duang Thai Dessert
32. Ladyfinger Dumpling Kanom Duang Thai Dessert Also known as Khanom Duang, another ancient Thai dessert that is starting to be difficult to find nowadays. When you eat, you will smell the smell of sesame, which will be soft and chewy. Sweet and greasy from fresh coconut milk, popularly made in only 3 colors: white, green and pink. Hence the origin of the name of this dessert.
Kanom Krok Thai Dessert
33. Kanom Krok Thai Dessert In today's era, we feel that it is becoming more and more difficult to find. Many people in the modern era probably have the same feeling that many of our ancient Thai palace desserts That we used to eat when we were kids, but now it's more difficult to find. Some of them are almost impossible to eat at all.
Kanom Khee Mot Thai Dessert
34. Kanom Khee Mot Thai Dessert Kanom Khee Mot is made from rice. Or rice that is left at the bottom of the pot or is rice flour, then roasted until crispy brown and then pounded thoroughly mixed with grated coconut, roasted, pounded finely, such as together by seasoning with sugar and salt. That is the origin of the name Khanom Khi Mod, an ancient Thai dessert of the south. It is said that it comes from the applied wisdom of the royal desserts. There are only 4 easy-to-find local ingredients, but this dessert has been forgotten. This may be due to the process that requires patience and attention. You won't be able to take your eyes off of it. This will cause the ingredients to burn completely and starve first. An ancient Thai dessert menu. Eat it empty and chew and enjoy. Or you can dip it with fruit as well. It is considered the wisdom of the old people to find ways to make good use of the leftovers. The taste cannot be mentioned. It's really a snack that you can eat and enjoy until you can't stop.
Kanom Tan Thai Dessert
35. Kanom Tan Thai Dessert It is a traditional Thai royal dessert. The texture is dark yellow, soft, fluffy, with a sweet brown aroma. Kanom Tan is made from the pulp of the ripe sugar cane. The process uses rice flour, coconut milk and sugar mixed together according to the process. Then put the banana leaf krathong. Sprinkle with grated coconut and steamed until cooked Then, the meat of the palm fruit, which is an ingredient in making sugar candy. It is obtained from the ripening of sugar cane until yellow and black. The flesh inside is yellow with a strong odor, most of which fall from the plant itself. come peel off Bring to rub with clean water until the yellow color. Put the brewed water in a cloth bag. tied to the waterfall, leaving only the flesh of the palm fruit at present It's hard to find good-tasting sugar candy. due to the decrease in sugarcane planting volume Most of the sugar candies are sold in the market. Entrepreneurs tend to put less sugar. Add flour and dope saffron instead. This makes Kanom Tan have a hard texture, not sweet and not delicious.
Kanom Sai Sai Kanom Sod Sai Thai Dessert
36. Kanom Sai Sai Kanom Sod Sai Thai Dessert It is a Thai dessert that was used in the Khan Mak ceremony in ancient times. This stuffed snack is wrapped in banana leaves and has a tie. (Tiao is the way of the coconut) wrapped in a tall shape. Fragrant pastries and sweet from the intestines It's salty with a fresh coconut milk topping. The face is thick enough, not messy.
Krayakhu Rice Thai Dessert
37. Krayakhu Rice Thai Dessert t is regarded as an ancient Thai royal dessert that uses soft rice that is still milky. and the bark is light green squeezed out into water Or use rice flour to simmer with freshly squeezed pandan juice until thick and light green in texture. Then topped with slightly salty coconut milk. and can add more grains or young coconut.
Watermelon Dried Fish Thai Dessert
38. Watermelon Dried Fish Thai Dessert A snack menu that ancient people like to eat in the summer. that helps extinguish the heat and refresh with the juicy juice of watermelon It pairs well with the slightly salty taste of dried fish, which is a rare snack these days.
Watermelon dried fish, ancient dessert, royal dessert, which is a Thai wisdom that has been widely used since the Ayutthaya period. and is still inherited from each other until the early Rattanakosin As recorded in the Krom Luang Narintorn Devi Archives, it is considered a banquet food for the celebration of the Phra Phutthamanee Rattana Maha Patimakorn Phra Kaew Morakot. and celebrating Phra Sri Rattana Satsadaram Temple in the reign of King Rama 1 is a big event By inviting monks to feed up to 2,000 photos a day. Other food in the event that is still known today is chicken panang. Stir Fried Pork with Shrimp Fried eggplant, omelette, meatballs, boiled shrimp, etc. Haven't been on Thai food for a long time. From this archive, we know that the watermelon dried fish menu is so popular that it is made to offer to monks in the royal ceremony of the Somdej Phra Phuttha Mani Rattana Maha Sculptor of the Emerald Buddha. The perfect novelty is hard to find, but the process of making it is not as difficult as you think.
Fish Fillet Sago and Pork Fillet Sago Thai Dessert
39. Fish Fillet Sago and Pork Fillet Sago Thai Dessert It is another royal dish that is quite difficult to find nowadays, and the sago flour made from the sago tree is quite difficult to recover, making the authentic taste is quite difficult to make. But using normal ready-made sago flour, it's delicious in another way.
Pork Sarong Thai Dessert
40. Pork Sarong Thai Dessert It is a dish that requires equanimity. and quite meticulous This royal dessert uses minced pork that is finely ground. Season with spices to add fragrance as you like. To be molded into a ball about the size of a thumb. Wrapped with rice noodles and fried until crispy, appetizing.
Ma Hor Thai Dessert
41. Ma Hor Thai Dessert as a Thai snack An ancient royal dessert that uses citrus fruits such as pineapples, tangerines, grapefruits and oranges, which are peeled and divided into pieces. Then overlap with a machine similar to rice crackers in the mouth of the pot or pork sago fillings. Just don't put dried beets or radishes, garnish with soy chilli or coriander. Ma Hor is an ancient Thai Dessert. Originally, it was a side dish to eat with sour fruits such as pineapples. And as food in various ceremonies according to the beliefs of each locality especially the Thai community of Mon descent It has a sweet and salty taste of the pork intestines. It will help cut off the sour taste of the fruit. That will cause a mellow taste in the mouth within a single word. And if you don't have pineapple, you can use tangerines instead. But it is called the dragon Kap Kaew. In addition, there is also a use of mayon chid or kiwi that has a sour taste. It is popularly made during festivals, merit-making or other important ceremonies, especially in the Mon community.
Pork Face Bread Thai Dessert
42. Pork Face Bread Thai Dessert Royal Thai food adapted from westerners. Another snack that has been adapted by using a sheet of western bread to mix and match. and eat with Ajad Indian style dipping sauce with seasoned minced pork Must taste a little salty To match with Ajad that has a sweet and sour taste. Or sometimes the front meat can be replaced with chicken, beef or shrimp as well. Depending on the preferences of each person.
Kanom Thong Pong Thai Dessert
43. Kanom Thong Pong Thai Dessert It is an ancient dessert made from beaten egg yolks with powdered sugar. with a mixture of wheat flour Mix and drop in a boat-shaped mold. It may look like baking a typical western dessert. But the good characteristic is that the inside must be transparent with a little sticky syrup, the surface is smooth as the name Nuan. Snacks, when cooked, are taken out of the print and look like gold bars (gold bars). They are considered auspicious snacks in the Thong family as well. It is considered a royal dessert that is adapted from westerners.
Met Kanun Thai Dessert
44. Met Kanun Thai Dessert royal dessert are meant to convey success and are supported by supporters as well. The jackfruit kernel consists of steamed cooked mung beans, coconut milk, grated shredded coconut. and sugar In addition to sculpture in the form of jackfruit seeds We can also mold into nutmeg. with a round shape and can be pressed to flatten slightly as well.
Buad Chee Banana Thai Dessert
45. Buad Chee Banana Thai Dessert It is a type of Thai dessert. The main components of bananas are bananas, coconut or coconut milk. In the old days, Thai people used coconut milk as an ingredient in food, thus creating this menu. Nowadays, bananas can be used instead of bananas by northeastern and central people. In the past, it was popular to make bananas for family consumption after working in agriculture. Farmers work hard using banana ingredients in their own home. In addition, banana buadchee was brought to make merit at the temple. Used to receive guests who come to the house New housewarming or according to various traditions, because the name "Kluay Buad Chee" is because the color is quite white. therefore comparable to the clothing of Chi.
Kanom Tuay Thai Dessert
46. Kanom Tuay Thai DessertIt is a Thai dessert made from rice flour, coconut milk and sugar, steamed in a pinwheel cup, a type of small porcelain cup, topped with pandan leaves and topped with coconut milk again. Sometimes it may be mixed with salt or eggs. An area that sells and sees dessert cups that are most often in Bangkok.
It is an ancient dessert with the taste of coconut milk. sweet taste Perfectly cut with a mild salty taste. There is a scent of pandan leaves. and mellow taste It comes in a small pinwheel cup with a spatula or popsicle stick to pick out the dessert. Some people may be familiar with cup desserts from boat noodle restaurants that are arranged on the table in pairs as snacks. It is one of the most popular Thai desserts today. And it's not difficult to find.
Ta-Lum Bai Toey Dessert
47. Ta-Lum Bai Toey Dessert How to make royal Thai desserts, ancient dessert recipe, is an ancient Thai dessert similar to Kanom Talai. but will have a custard face
Quail Egg Snacks Dice Egg Snacks
48. Quail Egg Snacks Dice Egg Snacks In the past, it was called Khanom Khai Tao. But because later turtle eggs are protected animals. Therefore changing the name) is a kind of dessert that was very popular in the past since the Sukhothai period. Ayutthaya even Rattanakosin Until today because it can be done easily, cheaply and has a good taste. easy to eat It looks like a round, light yellow loaf, made with tapioca flour and then fried. It tastes sweet and oily. It's hard on the outside, soft on the inside. It's commonly sold at fried banana shops, fried taro, and fried potatoes on the side of the road.
Ba Bin Thai Dessert
49. Ba Bin Thai Dessert Made from glutinous rice flour mixed with coconut. and sugar, including chicken eggs It will be cooked by burning the fire under the fire. It is a small, flat piece of dessert derived from Portuguese desserts. Like many types of Thai desserts, but Khanom Ba Bin probably originated in the Rattanakosin era.
The origin of the name "Reckless" There are two streams that come together. Some say it comes from the owner of the recipe, who is a member of the Kudi Chin community named "Mae Bin" The first name was "Auntie Bin's dessert" and call it distorted until it becomes reckless in the end.
While another stream said As a result of the Portuguese dessert called Queijadas de Coimbra, which uses cheese as raw material. By calling each other by mouth, only the last word is "Bra" and later added the word "Chip" Into until it finally became a candy barabin by the source of the famous candy barin is Tha Ruea District, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province.
Peanut Snack
50. Peanut Snack It's a kind of Thai dessert. Made with glutinous rice flour wrapped in mung beans, shredded coconut shells and then steamed, the dessert looks similar to the puffed bean snack, namely, green dessert. have the same filling.
Khanom Mo Kaeng
51. Khanom Mo Kaeng Or Kumphamas dessert, royal Thai dessert is a dessert that uses eggs, flour and coconut milk as the main ingredients. which will be mixed together in a tray in proportion Then baked until the top of the dessert is golden brown, appetizing. Currently, taro, lotus seeds, nuts and fried shallots are mixed and decorated with dessert. Thus making desserts more mellow in taste. Khanom Mo Kaeng was popular with the nobility in the palace. Later, when a worker in Thao Thong Kip Ma's house got married, he brought the formula and method of making Thai dessert to convey, allowing ordinary people to have the opportunity to know Thai dessert in Phetchaburi Province in 1986. Phra Nakhon Khiri was restored to be a major tourist destination. Causing the villagers in the area to make desserts that have been handed down from generation to generation for sale. Make Khanom Mo Kaeng a famous dessert of Phetchaburi province.
Khanom Mo Kaeng In the past, it was eaten only in important events such as ordination or weddings. Which Khanom Mo Kaeng is baked in a charcoal oven covered with zinc sheets on a dessert tray. Then use charcoal or coconut husks to light the fire. then spread it over the zinc Khanom Mo Kaeng is heated both above and below, making the top of the cake look appetizing golden brown.
Khanom Kluai Thai Dessert
52. Khanom Kluai or Khao Nom Kluay, Royal Thai dessert, is a type of dessert made from rice flour. The main ingredients are ripe bananas, rice flour and sugar. Bring to mix and massage together.
Taro Taco Dessert Thai Dessert
53. Taro Taco Dessert Thai Dessert, an ancient dessert made from rice flour mixed with arrowroot flour stirred with sugar. Add water chestnuts or corn, etc. Drop your face with coconut milk and stir with flour.

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