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Food Menu, North Recipes

Food Menu, North Recipes

Northern food The northern region in the past was part of the Lanna Kingdom. During the Lanna Kingdom's power Has spread the territory to neighboring countries such as Laos, Myanmar, and people from other territories migrated to settle in the Lanna Kingdom. until receiving cultural influences from various nationalities into everyday life Including the matter of food as well.
Northern food Contains glutinous rice as a staple food. And there are different types of chili pastes such as Nam Prik Ong, Nam Prik Num, and many other types of curry dishes such as Kaeng Khae, Kaeng Ho. There are also Sai Oua, Naem, Pork Kham and various vegetables.
The weather of the northern region plays an important role that differentiates the traditional food of the northern region from the rest of Thailand, as the cold weather makes most of the food high in fat, such as Nam Prik Ong, Sausage, and Hung Lay Curry. body is warm.
In addition, most of the northern dwellings are in the valleys. And on high places near natural resources such as mountains, forests, villagers are so popular. Plants in the forest are cooked into dishes such as Phak Khae, Yak Kluai, Bon and Phak Wan, etc., causing northern folk food in different names such as Kaeng Yuek Kluai, Kaeng Bon and Kaeng Kae, etc. 
Includes many recipes Authentic taste like the city people come to eat at home.