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Rotten Beans North Food

Rotten Beans North Food

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Rotten Beans North Food Unusual northern Lanna food Cooking process: Bring the soybeans to boil until decay and then ferment for about 3 days to slightly mold. Then come pound thoroughly As well as the rotten beans But the beans are rotten. It is pounding the decomposed soybeans. Then wrapped in banana leaves, grilled over low heat, may be steamed. Popular to eat with young chili. Some recipes add an egg mixture before grilling it over the fire. Roasted rotten beans can be roasted or pounded with chili paste.
North Local Food That is unique Because the local food of the North will have a unique history. There is a variety of tribal cultures. It reflects the way of life, culture, tradition and well-being. Which food from northern wisdom is nutritious and healthy.
- Rotten Beans
- Red onion
- Garlic
- Young peppers
- Eggs
- Shrimp paste
- Various seasoning powders
- Vegetable oil
- Spring onions
- Coriander
How to do it
1. Pound the chili paste, prepare a mortar, add garlic, shallots, pound together, add young chili paste. Pound them together with a rough pound, then add the rotten beans to pound for a while, add shrimp paste and powder to the noodle. Pound them together, then set aside on a plate.
2. Set up a wok, add a little oil, wait for the oil and pan hot, add the pounding peanut paste and stir for a while, add chicken eggs Stir until the eggs are cooked, beautiful colors. Served with vegetables And sticky rice. 

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