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North Foods The region in the past has been a part of the Lanna Kingdom before. During the power of the Lanna Kingdom Spread its borders to neighboring countries such as Laos, Myanmar, and people from other regions migrated to settle in the Lanna Kingdom Until receiving cultural influences from various nationalities into daily life Including nutrition matters as well.
North Foods Consisting of sticky rice as a staple food And there are different kinds of chili paste such as Ong chili paste, young chili paste and many other curry foods such as Kang Khae, Kang Ho. There are also Sai Oua and various vegetables.
The weather in the northern region is important to the local food of the northern region from other parts of Thailand because the cold weather causes the food to have a lot of fat, such as Ong chili paste, Sai Mai, Hunglae curry. The body is warm.
In addition, most northern habitats are in the valley. And on high ground near natural sources such as mountains, forests, the villagers therefore prefer Wild vegetation to cook, such as Khae vegetables, banana stalks, Bon and Phak Wan, etc., resulting in local food in the north in various names, such as banana curry, Bon Curry and Khae Kaeng etc.
North Foods Almost every kind is popular to eat with sticky rice. Or parboiled rice with snap All food will be placed on the bowl. Which is a container for feeding food made from teak wood turning and forming And the size is perfect for eating at a local restaurant Northern food is regarded as famous And is accepted both in Thai people And foreigners Due to the garnishing process That is diverse Folk ingredients And can be modified according to the preferences of the people in the area.
Dining culture of the northern people
Dining culture of the northern people Popular eating plants Vegetables that grow naturally May be wild vegetables Or vegetables beside the fence By usually eating sticky rice as the main food Usually cooking without sugar, with a salty taste and a little spicy flavor Uses less cooking food than in the central region Popular eating chili paste Carne Curry Mold glutinous rice and dip it into the curry. 
To arrange food dishes, put them in bowls or rice bowls The northern tradition is usually for adults. Or the eldest person in the home, eating first, then the children or the younger ones continue to eat Which is a tradition that has been popular since ancient times.
North FoodsThere is a special combination of food culture from many people such as Tai Lue, Thai Yai, Chinese Haw and indigenous people such as:
Om Curry 

 1. Om Curry Is a popular food And popular northern food Another of the above foods Especially special occasions at festivals where curry is a curry that can be used for all types of meat such as chicken, beef and buffalo.
Khao Soi 

2. Khao Soi Northern food that comes from the food of the Tai Lue people That is distributed in the North or Lanna region as in the original, using fried chili powder And garnished with oil When entering the Thai kitchen, this Northern food was applied to use roasted curry paste to add coconut milk. And thicken Then topped on the noodles with chicken or beef to eat with pickled cabbage Using shallot as a side dish.
Ho Curry 

3. Ho Curry Is a northern food that has a distinctive feature is the combination of various foods Is a widely popular northern food And is sold in almost every local restaurant in the north.
Knmhin Nam Ngao 

4. Knmhin Nam Ngao Northern food that was originally a local food of Tai Yai people Originally using noodles, then the local people in the north changed to use noodles instead Which is eaten with bean sprouts and pickled cabbage for a more delicious flavor.
Hunglae curry 

5. Hunglae curry Is a northern food that is another local food of Chai Yai man. It is expected that this northern kind of food has been influenced by Burma in the past. It is a curry that is easy to make, add dried chilies, followed by curry powder, Hunglei, tomato and beef, then stir fry together.
Nam prik ong 

6. Nam prik ong Is a famous northern food The distinctive feature is the chili paste with orange color of tomato and dried chili by eating Ong chili, popular with vegetables such as eggplant, Chinese cabbage, cucumber or yard long bean etc.
Young Chili Paste 

7. Young Chili Paste Northern food that is spicy, popularly eaten with pork. Or local vegetables, both fried fresh, boiled or boiled vegetables, young peppers, chilies, the seeds are slender. There is a yellowish green color with a spicy flavor, popular in the north. Chili paste will look like. Wet, a line of grilled chilli beef with a pounded aroma combined with grilled shallot Grilled Ladyboy Tomato Sida And other seasonings cooked according to the spicy, salty, sweet taste as you like.

8. Asgaew Is a Northern food that is grilled and smoked. Mostly eaten with sticky rice. Side dishes will be Fresh paprika, shallot, and lemon sausage are Northern Thai dishes that are tasty, intense, and slightly spicy. The raw material is made from minced pork mixed with roasted curry seasoning, salty, brought with the aroma of kaffir lime leaves. Is a northern food that can be considered a type of sausage That resembles a spiral coils Stacked in a circle.
Kae curry 

9. Kae curry Is a northern food that, in ancient times, ancient people often cooked curry with vegetables. And many kinds of meat mixed together But currently only uses one type of meat The vegetables used were Chaam, bamboo shoots and Chaplo leaves.
Chin Ping Tap Ping 

10. Chin Ping Tap Ping Is a Northern grilled food. Popularly used beef, pork, beef liver or pork liver, cut and and into large pieces Marinated with seasonings Then grilled or grilled using bamboo skewers until cooked and eaten with various chili paste.
Kanun Aon curry 

11. Kanun Aon curry It is a northern food that people in the northern region would like to call "Ba Nuea or Shoulder Pad", which can be eaten from young shoots and fresh vegetables dipping in chili paste. Young jackfruit will bring jackfruit curry. With pork ribs, pork, curry paste, and orange eggplant, sour and salty.
Khao Kan Gin 

12. Khao Kan Gin Is a northern food of Tai Yai people. Usually eaten with rice noodles With a mixture of cooked rice Mixed with blood, salt and minced pork, then wrapped in a banana leaf in a triangle, tied with a rope Then steamed until done Sprinkled with fried garlic, sliced onions, lemon and fried peppers.
Pla Chi Chili Paste 

13. Pla Chi Chili Paste Northern food Which is considered as a local food The raw material uses grilled catfish. Pound together with chilli peppers, fragrant and burnt garlic Then add the olives along with other condiments. Popular with steamed vegetables such as eggplant, bamboo shoots, yard long beans and wood.
Garlic Chili Paste 

14. Garlic Chili Paste Is a northern food that is popularly eaten during the hot season. By using burned chilli paste, pounded garlic, combined with spicy and salty shrimp paste and eaten with fresh vegetables, steamed vegetables and boiled eggs. 
Gin Tub 

15. Gin TubThe Northern menu feature is pounded beef water and then smashed the raw material made of beef marinated with fish sauce, spices and salt, then grilled on a low heat charcoal until cooked and dried, then smashed. Until the meat comes out in strips, with a spicy, salty flavor inserted into the meat And the sauce made from chopped shallots Is the northern food that Grilling can take many hours. To get a firm, dry, and fragrant texture.
Spicy Minced Pork Larb 

16. Spicy Minced Pork Larb Northern food with herbs And has a distinctive aroma from roasted rice Which is different from the spicy minced pork salad in the northeast Due to the Northern Laab Will not add many herbs Tart And will focus on minced meat Then flavored with dried spices, specifically the northern region Make him smell good And giving numbness to the tongue In addition, added cherry tomatoes for a slightly sour taste. It is a strange northern dish but very perfect.
A thousand years of pig 

17. A thousand years of pig Northern menu that is collected Pork belly, pickles and oolong tea are overlapping. And steamed for up to 4 hours. It is a northern dish that is influenced by Chinese patrons. Who come to live in the northern region of Thailand A thousand-year-old pork is commonly eaten with steamed buns. Aside from getting the sour taste of pickles The steamed pork has a strong smell. And it tastes sweet With a slight bitterness from Oolong tea leaves Is a northern dish that takes quite a long time to cook.
Baked mushrooms 

18. Baked mushrooms Northern curry dishes Is a curry seen with soft tamarind leaves Pork bone broth Then cook to taste sour and spicy as you like.
Bamboo shoot salad 

19. Bamboo shoot salad Northern's foods Commonly used as plantation bamboo shoots until ripe, with a sweet taste when used with the seasonings. Popular with crab water, sliced ginger, or poured into the boiling water, then mixed with the seasonings.

20. Blackjack Northern food fried The batter is fried and crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and has a slightly spicy flavor from curry paste mixed in the batter. Commonly used pumpkin, papaya, banana blossom or onion.
Ong Pu Na 

21. Ong Puna North Food is quite difficult to find. The specialty of this menu is Will use seasoned crab meat and put it into the crab shell Then grill and cook Popular with sticky rice. Mellow flavor, fragrant.
Rotten beans 

22. Rotten beans North Food, exotic, Lanna style The cooking process, bring the soybean to boil until decomposed, then ferment for about 3 days to slightly moldy. After that, pounded thoroughly. Like rotten beans But rotten beans Is the pounding of soybean pounded Then wrapped in a banana leaf, lightly grilled, may be steamed Popularly eaten with young chilies Some recipes will add egg mixture before grilling on fire. Roasted rotten peas can be roasted or pounded with chili paste.
Chor Pakkad 

23. Jaw Pakkad Is a northern food that uses Cantonese lettuce as its main ingredient for cooking, called lettuce or lettuce flowers. Processed with salt, shrimp paste or fermented fish flavored with tamarind juice. Or fresh tamarind juice Wearing a group of bones Some places also like to add sugar cane juice. And some recipes put the rotten beans in Eaten with fried dried chilies.
Gin Hum 

24. Gin Hum Hum is a kind of meat that is quite sticky, such as beef, chicken, or dried salted meat, cooked like curry stewed on a low heat so that the meat is tender. And only a little water left Steaming may take up to 2 hours.
Khao Soi Nam Na 

25. Khao Soi Nam Na Khao Soi Nam Na Is the local northern food of Chiang Khong district Chiang Rai Main ingredient is Khao Soi. And seasonings such as ground pork, dried chili, garlic, salt, shallots and peanuts. This menu is a traditional menu. That is different from general Khao Soi is that Khao Soi Nam Na is not coconut milk curry. Because there is no curry paste But will look like noodles in clear soup Then topped with minced pork To be simmered with seasonings Northern people often call it roasted jin, a pork that is roasted with spices and rotten beans.
Sa Jin 

26. Sa Jin It is a northern dish that people in the north are well known for. Since it is a popular local food for a long time. The main ingredients are beef, fresh buffalo meat, and offal, and are commonly boiled before cooking, a popular Northern Thai dish to bring to guests late at night or early morning.
Stuffed bell peppers 

27. Stuffed bell peppers Northern food menu that can be applied to a variety of Northern food menus. The perfect match between bell peppers. And grilled minced pork Until it smells delicious.
Puffed Mushroom Soup 

28. Puffed Mushroom Soup Northern food menu that used to be very rare ingredients. It is a wild mushroom which can only be found in the rainy season. But now there are canned puffballs on sale, making this northern dish you can cook all year round. It is a healthy local food. The curry has a sour taste, taken from tamarind leaves. And puffballs that go together perfectly.
Fermented egg 

29. Nham Khai Local food It is a northern dish that many people may not be familiar with. But is similar to the fried naem with eggs By the way, it is very easy to cook, there is almost no need to cook anything. Because they rely on only 2 main ingredients: naem and egg, the freshness of eggs, naem and the aroma of banana leaves That has been heat from roasting or baking, commonly eaten with cooked rice It may be eaten with side dishes such as red chili peppers.
Spicy Mushroom Chili Dip 

30. Spicy Mushroom Chili Dip Northern local food It is a chili paste that is dry and thick. Chili peppers are popularly used as chili peppers and pom pods. It smells quite characteristic. The flowers are dull colored and dried in the sun and wrapped in banana leaves. Then roast to cook. Until it smells similar to fragrant fried rice or pork crackling, it is one of the rare northern dishes to be eaten.
Tom Yum Mackerel with Northern Larb Chili 

31. Tom Yum Mackerel with Northern Larb Chili The cooking method is not as complicated as other northern local food. Boil mackerel with galangal, lemongrass and shallots. Making Spices Roasted Larb Dried chilies, roasted over a fire, salt, shallots and garlic are pounded together. Put the mackerel in a pot and set to boil.
Yam Hock Ngaw 

32. Yam Hock Ngaw The culinary delicacy of the Lanna people refers to the placenta that has just given birth to a new baby, which is served in a salad, similar to the buffalo salad, but it is boiled or cooked before eating. Popularly eaten with various types of fresh vegetables.
Cucumber Salad 

33. Cucumber Salad Northern food with the main ingredient is cucumber. Garnish with coriander, green onions and toasted black sesame seeds.
Eggplant Chili Paste 

34. Eggplant Chili Paste It is one of the indispensable northern foods. Thai dips Bring the eggplant Rich in nutrients needed by the body pounded with roasted chili and garlic, then seasoned and mixed until combined. Popular to eat with fresh vegetables and blanched vegetables.
Chili Paste 

35. Mang Man Chili Paste North Food A rare and expensive seasonal northern dish, a rare ingredient called arachnid, is a small, light-colored winged ant that lives under the soil burrows, both males and females have eggs, which the Lanna people call it. It will be there during the month. May to early June, preferring to eat female insects Because it tastes sweet and delicious because arachnids are more bitter. It is a northern seasonal dish. Which is a raw material that can be obtained from nature It is commonly eaten with hot steamed rice or sticky rice.Side dishes include Cha-om, long beans and gourd, which is a sprouted vegetable in rainy season.
Crab Chili Paste 

36. Crab Chili Paste North Food born from the wisdom of the villagers in the north. Who want to preserve food in order to maintain it for a long time Since having to catch a crab in the rainy season to pickle it with herbs Simmer until thick Therefore, it is a good source of calcium and protein, which are in concentrated form of nutrients. That can be kept to eat all year round It can be used to cook many things such as Crab Chili Paste with Bamboo Shoot Curry, Som Tam and Som Tam Papaya Salad Because it is a food with some types of wax is quite high. Eating too much May cause sleepiness or yawning, including famous crab water. Crab juice from Chae Hom district And crab juice from Phayao Province.
Spicy Nam Prik Ong Noodle 

37. Spicy Nam Prik Ong Noodle Best Thai food from the north The taste of salty and spicy chives like bamboo shoots and bean sprouts.
Kradang Curry
38. Kradang Curry Northern food local food It is a traditional food of the northern people. or Lanna people Pork knuckle is commonly used as an ingredient in cooking due to the large number of tendons. Therefore, when cooking, it makes the curry thicker. At present, agar powder is added to it. Makes a good curry and faster.
In the past, red curry was commonly eaten in winter. But nowadays there is a modern use of cold agar powder to speed up the coagulation. This makes it possible to find a menu of this northern food in every season.
Kut Curry

39. Kut Curry Local vegetables that the northern people like to cook. Phak Kut is a vegetable in the fern family. Likes to live in the cool, humid places in the forest. propagate by budding Young shoots can be eaten. Northern villagers like to make orange curry with fish and kaffir lime juice. In addition to being able to make food It's also an herb. Phak Kut tends to grow along the water's edge or in wetlands rather than in the forest. And they are often found during the rainy season because it is the best growth period. The most popular vegetables are the leaves and young shoots. It is a popular northern food in Chiang Mai.
Aep Ong Aor
40. Aep Ong Aor Strange Northern Food local food Local dishes are prepared with fresh pork brains. Then mix with seasonings. Then wrapped in banana leaves, like Ab Pla, Ab Moo and Ab Kung, are cooked by grilling or grilling with low heat until cooked inside.
E-Ke Chili Paste
41. E-Ke Chili Paste It is a well known northern food menu of northern people. The cooking method will be different according to the preferences of each person. The main must-have items are eggplant and pork belly. Unique ingredients of Lanna people E-Ke Chili Paste It is also known as Nam Prik I Kee. The most popular types of chili peppers are use red chili or red hot chili peppers.
E-Ke Chili Paste It is a northern local chili paste that has a sweet and sour sauce. It is a northern dish that is easy to make and has a savory taste. red hot chilli with eggplant bright yellow It's useful to eat Who likes to eat blanched vegetables or fresh vegetables, prepare to wash vegetables and wait. Served as a delicious dipping sauce together. Especially when eaten with pork knuckle and hot sticky rice.
Raw Larb
42. Raw Larb It is a northern food that is popular both in the north and northeast. The ingredients are similar to Laab. but things are different Is to use raw meat that is ground or minced, and also has offal. and mixed with blood Therefore, cooking this dish only needs to be hygienic. It is a local food for anyone who wants to change the taste, try eating it and you will be hooked.

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