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Thai Desserts, North Recipes Thai Desserts, North Recipes(17) Chiang Mai(17)

Thai Desserts, North Recipes

Thai Desserts, North Recipes

Northern snack northern food Northern appetizers are sweet, flavored with coconut milk and flour, sugar or sugar cane juice. or special festival or ceremonies only It is also popular to prepare to make merit, such as important Buddhist days, Songkran days, northern traditions. and northern culture, on Buddhist holy days, popular northern snacks such as Khanom Jok, germinated rice porridge, Kanom Lin Ma, Khao Witu, Khanom Kluay, Kanom Sila On or Sala On, Khanom Muang, Khao Tan, etc.
Thai desserts are unique in Thai national culture, namely, they are delicate and delicate in selecting raw materials by meticulous methods of making, delicious and sweet taste. and beautiful colors Appetizing appearance as well as elaborate methods.
Northern Thai dessert Most are made from glutinous rice. And most of them use boiling methods such as rice porridge, Hua Hok, Khanom Thien and Khanom Wong. They are usually made during important festivals such as Buddhist Lent Day or Songkran Day.
Desserts that are popularly made in almost all festivals are Candle candy or jok It is a snack that can be bought in general. Khanom Pat, which is similar to Kanom Sila. Eitu rice or red glutinous rice Khao Tan or Khao Taen, Khanom Kluea, a dessert that is eaten only in winter is sesame rice, which is roasted sesame seeds pounded with sticky rice. If you add sugarcane juice, call it sesame seeds, sugar cane ball, ginkgo beans, edamame beans, narrow rice or kite crackers, boiled Luk Lan.
In Mae Hong Son Province Traditional desserts include Khanom Alawa, which is similar to Khanom Mo Kaeng, Khanom Peng Mong, which is similar to Khanom Alawa, but the flour is fermented first. Suay Tamin dessert is made from steamed glutinous rice. cane sugar and coconut milk During the period when there is a lot of cane sugar, 2 types of desserts are popularly made: sesame seeds, made from sugar cane sugar, simmered to be sticky like nougat and then mixed with sesame seeds, and pae yo, made from cane sugar and peanuts. It looks like a cut bean, etc.