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Cassava Sweets

Cassava Sweets

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Cassava Sweets It is a Thai dessert that is commonly found in markets in the north. Use the milled cassava thoroughly. Mix with sugar and salt. Then put it in the steaming tray. When cooked, it will be yellow and clear powdery. Leave to cool, cut into pieces and mix with grated coconut.
- 800 g grated cassava
- 500 grams of white sugar
- 5 pandan leaves
- 1 large coconut
- salt
- Water or jasmine floating water or 1 cup of young coconut water
1. First, let's boil pandan juice. which pandan juice is used instead of plain water used to mix sweets By the method of boiling is pouring water into the pot. Then followed by clean pandan leaves. then turn on the stove Boil pandan leaves with water until pandan leaves smell good. which will not take long can turn off the stove Then we pick up the cassava, cut it into pieces about 4 inches long by peeling and digging out the core of it, which is a hard line out of it, then wash it thoroughly with water. and set aside to drain.
2. When the water is drained Next, it will come to scrape it into finely grated pieces. Scraping it will look like a thick wooden plank, size 20*30 cm.
3. Then it's time to mix it up. which is nothing difficult by just pouring sugar And the pandan water that we boiled a moment ago into the basin. At first, pour about half of the water into it. Then, knead and knead until the sugar is completely dissolved. And continue to massage for another 5 minutes, then pour the rest of the water into it.
Water that has been boiled from 1 cup will be about 3/4 cup, but you may not have to fill the water all at once. Because it depends on how much water it is scraped off with. You may try adding half a cup of water first. Then, when the mixture is done, steam 2-3 cups of water until cooked (this step is to be steamed to taste), set aside until warm, then taste. If you feel that it is too hard Gradually add more water.
4. Then put the water in the bottom and bring it to a boil (medium heat) to make the water boil. While waiting for the water to boil, scoop the dessert mixture into a cup to prepare for steaming. which the cup that Pim uses is Put a large cup of pinwheel that steams the dessert cup. Or steamed in an aluminum tray is fine. In all, there is no need to heat the cup or tray first. Like picking up a cup You can scoop the dessert mixture into a cup. and when the water in the bottom boils then bring the dessert to steam For this cup, it takes about 15 minutes to steam, but if the cup is larger than this. must add time Or if it's a pour all the ingredients into one square pan. I steamed for about 30 minutes and when the steaming time is complete. We will get a snack that looks like in the picture here. The snacks will be transparent according to the characteristics of cassava. while waiting for dessert Then let us scrape the coconut into strips with a cat's hand and then steam it for about 5 minutes. Then mix with salt and coconut together. Taste the coconut just enough to have a salty taste.
5. The last step, when our oily snacks cool down. then let us pick the candy out of the cup which uses the long handle of a spoon to pick up When finished, mix it with the grated coconut that we have prepared. (If steamed in a tray wait for the dessert to cool Take a knife to cut the potato chips in the pan into pieces of about 1*1 inch and then scoop up and mix with the coconut) and you're done.

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