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Nga Tam Aoi

Nga Tam Aoi

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Nga Tam Aoi It is a Thai dessert. holding Thai desserts, popular to eat in winter It is generally sold in the market about 10-20 years ago, now it's hard to find food to eat.
Sesame seeds are grains that can be eaten both seeds and leaves. It can be used for health and eaten. There are many benefits of sesame seeds due to its high nutritional value. Sesame There are green leaf varieties and purple leaf varieties. Green leaves are the most common species in Thailand. From the survey of sesame seed cultivation in the upper northern region, it was found that It is widely planted on upland areas along the hillsides of the foothills. A total of 130 species of sesame seeds are divided into 3 varieties (the sesame tree) which are the short-lived sesame seeds, the middle sesame seeds, between the sesame seeds and the elder sesame seeds, the older sesame seeds. (will be harvested at the end of December).
There are many benefits of sesame seeds, such as
1. Contains Omega 3 to help treat heat in.
2. Helps relieve air allergy symptoms.
3. cause relaxation and reduce anxiety that causes depression.
4. Relieve asthma symptoms.
Contains sesamol that helps prevent cancer and slow down aging.
6. Help prevent the growth of certain cancer cells, such as breast cancer and prostate cancer.
7. Help reduce cholesterol and triglycerides. that causes heart disease.
8. Helps protect the liver from damage and inhibit the growth of liver cancer.
9. Help nourish the skin and inhibit melanin pigment formation.
- 2 cups of sesame seeds.
- 2 cups sugarcane juice.
Method of making (recipe above)
1. Roasted sesame seeds. Use low heat to roast until fragrant. Then leave to cool. Pound the sesame seeds thoroughly.
2. Add sugarcane juice and mix thoroughly. Then add 1 tablespoon of water and pound to combine.
3. When finished, scoop it into a ready-to-eat container.
Thai desserts are unique in Thai national culture, namely, they are delicate and delicate in selecting raw materials by meticulous methods of making, delicious and sweet taste. and beautiful colors Appetizing appearance as well as elaborate methods.

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