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Kanom Linma

Kanom Linma

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Kanom Linma It is a Thai dessert made from black glutinous rice flour kneaded with water until it becomes viscous but not messy. Add salt to make it slightly salty. Some use white glutinous rice flour kneaded with sugarcane juice and salt to have a sweet and salty taste. Mix grated coconut with sugar. Help make delicious snacks and very appetizing.
Tongue candy with the chewiness of the dough. toasted coconut When eaten with sugar cane juice, it goes together. Lignma candy is a traditional dessert of the north that is quite difficult to find. Made from black glutinous rice flour Which in the north is called "Kham Kham", also known as "Khanom Piang" or "Khanom Pieng", which "Kom Pieng" in Lanna language means broken rice fragments left from milling. rice In the past, it was used to make this kind of dessert.
- Powdered sugarcane juice 1 tbsp.
- Salt flowers or salt 1 teaspoon
- cold water
- Banana leaves for wrapping
- 2 cups of black glutinous rice flour
- 2 cups of white glutinous rice flour
- 3 cups grated shredded coconut
1. First, take the black glutinous rice flour. White glutinous rice flour, sugarcane juice, flower salt, mix together, then slowly add cold water and knead little by little until the dough becomes soft and sticky. It's a bit runny but not messy. Once done, set aside the dough to prepare for wrapping.
2. Bring banana leaves to clean. After that, tear along the stripes to a size of about 4 inches, then trim the head and apply vegetable oil to prevent the dessert from sticking to banana leaves.
3. Take the pastry dough and wrap it in a rectangular banana leaf. Estimate the amount, take a spoonful of short curry, a little heap. When finished, when the banana leaf is folded, then roll the dessert flat according to the size of the banana leaf wrapped. Then steamed until cooked for about 15-20 minutes.
4. Then mix the coconut with a little salt. When the dessert is cooked, take it out and mix it with the hot coconut. Eat with sugarcane juice or granulated sugar If you want to keep it for a long time, steam the coconut 10 minutes beforehand, but the admin recommends eating it with freshly grated coconut for better taste.

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