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Kao Kup

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Kao Kup It is a traditional dessert that has been around for a long time. It is said in the Lanna literature about Nang Uthra that Nang Rai is the stepmother of Nang Uthra, pretending to be sick by using rice and placing it under her bed. When moving, it makes a loud noise. to understand that her bones are abnormal.
Northern Thai dessert It is a kind of northern snack. It has a slightly salty taste. The method is similar to crackers in the mouth of the pot. But making rice is narrow This is to bring the dough sheet to dry in the sun. by being cooked by grilling or frying In the past, it was popular to cook rice in the summer. Because in the summer there is a very hot sun. and enough to dry the narrow rice. within one day But at present, electrical appliances may be brought to help. When they eat, they lean on the fire. is to take a small flat bamboo about a cubit long come to cut one side into a tong.
Then put a narrow sheet of rice in it. and then put it on the stove raised to a modest height The narrow plates of rice will begin to ripen. and change the color from a clear color to a narrow white rice pad and can be stored for a longer time In addition to the fire method It can also be fried in oil, known as “Chan Khao Narrow”. Frying will make the rice pads narrow. almost double the size of the original But if we use the method of frying should not be stored for a long time because when the air is humid it will weaken and may cause rancidity.
Combined rice is cracked rice with sugar cane. It has a sweet taste like a kite cracker. It is a traditional dessert that has been around for a long time and for pregnant women who are on fire. It is popular to eat narrow rice with rice as a staple food. because it is believed that when eaten There will be no side effects while on fire. The condensed rice has a sweet taste. adults are usually forbidden Do not let your child eat too much condensed rice. because it can hurt the tongue Due to the dryness of the candy will suck the tongue.
Combined rice is similar to narrow rice. When we eat, we will bring the plate of rice to lean against the fire similar to narrow rice. but only the galloping of rice Will use bamboo to make a shape like a hand. Use 2 instead of the left and right hands. Then toast the rice sheets by turning them over until they turn yellow. may require experience and expertise at the time of shopping because if the grill is not a sheet Combined rice will not expand or not ripen and burn because in addition to skill. charcoal heat control Getting the right heat is also important.
Narrow rice, mixed rice and the city festival In the past, it was commonly eaten at important festivals such as ordination of glass beads, new year of the city, Poi Luang and wedding parties, etc.
- Glutinous rice 1 liter
- 1 egg
- 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil
- 500 grams of palm sugar
- 1/2 cup coconut milk
Method (Northern recipe)
1. Pound the newly cooked glutinous rice by using a mortar, pounding until the glutinous rice becomes sticky flour. It takes approximately 20 minutes. Put palm sugar and coconut milk mixture into the mortar. Continue pounding until homogeneous.
2. Then boil the eggs until cooked. Choose only the yolk Come to crush and mix with vegetable oil. to apply to hand and equipment for making rice When finished, cut the plastic sheet into circles. Approximately 6 inches in diameter, pick up the dough about the tip of your thumb, press it flat by rolling the dough into a circle with a wooden baton. Invert the dough sheet onto a large plastic sheet.
3. Then put it in the sun to dry for about 1 hour, turn the dough over and dry it on bamboo weaves for another 1 hour. When finished, remove the dough. set aside to cool They are stacked together and packed in a thermos. using the underside of the banana leaf and cover the top Keep it for 1 night. The last step is to bring the rice plates to the charcoal grill. 

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