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Kaeng Khae

Kaeng Khae

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Kaeng Khae It is a curry that contains many kinds of vegetables. And there is also one ingredient of meat Name Kaeng Khae according to the type of meat used in the ingredient, such as Kaeng Khai, Kaeng Kaeng, Kaeng Kaeng, Kaeng Kaew, Kaeng Khae, Dried Fish and Vegetables as the main ingredient. Most of them consisted of gourd, cha-om, leaf chaff, parsley, amaranth, young wind mushroom, red spinach and cabbage.
Nutritional value Eating curry Makes it get protein, vitamins, minerals from vegetables and chicken. Each type of local vegetables that are cooked have different medicinal value. Vegetables used to cook Khametang, a cold, spicy, hot, oily flavor, Kaeng Khae is a suitable food to adjust the elements in the body to adapt to the changing climate. Ancient people therefore popularly eat curry. In the seam of the season.
1. Kai Muang = Domestic chicken (choose a young chicken)
2. Wind mushroom = Hard mushroom
3. Phak Khae = Cha Plu leaves
4. Cactus flower = Cat flower
5. Narrow vegetables = gourd
6. Phak Phet = Phak Phet
7. Toon = Coon (similar to Bon, but smaller trunk)
8.Bah Kae Waeng = Thai eggplant
9. Ba Khue Phoi = Thai eggplant
10. Flower Bha Nam Kaew = Pumpkin flower
11. Yod Ba Nam Kaew = Pumpkin
12. Crab bean = Wing bean
13. Long beans = yard long beans
14. Pea
15. Chili dae = paprika
16, Pa Ha = Fermented fish
17. Chukkai = Lemongrass
18. White onion = garlic
19. Onion = Shallot
20. Phak Pom = Coriander
21.Pa juice = fish sauce
22. Gea, Ku = Salt
23. Small Dried Chili
24. Turmeric
25. Shrimp Paste Curry
26. Fish Sauce
27. Kaffir lime leaves
How to do it
1. Prepare local vegetables by washing them thoroughly.
2. Prepare the chicken to burn the skin. Then chopped into pieces to fit the bite.
3. Prepare to make curry paste Lift the mortar, pound the garlic, then scoop and divide in half. Then add small dried chilies. Pound it with garlic, then add galangal, lemongrass and cilantro, lower until the coarse is orange. And add shallots, turmeric, fermented fish, and shrimp paste, and then set aside the curry paste.
4. Prepare a wok, add a little oil, heat, put the remaining garlic half into the pan, fry until golden, add the curry paste that has been made to roast to smell. Add the prepared chicken, combine the chicken until cooked, add enough water. Then add the mushroom, Soi Yai, and mix well. Simmer until the chicken is cooked and tender.
Then season with fish sauce Put the powder no. Add hard-cooked vegetables, such as long beans, pea, sweet eggplant, winged bean, brinjal, and Toon, then add the easy-cooked vegetables, such as Khae, Khae Flower, Pumpkin Flower, Gourd, Cha-om, and Red vegetable, then add kaffir lime leaves. Cooked
Cooking tips To roast or stir-fry the curry, use medium heat, some spices may add coriander seed, ginger leaves, galangal sprouts to enhance the aroma of the curry. Vegetables used as ingredients Can add other vegetables such as boiled bamboo shoots, coconut shoots, dried chakra, cayenne flowers, cayenne flowers.
Tips for choosing ingredients If it is chicken curry Should use the chicken house The curry flavor will be mellow. Dried paprika used Should use dried paprika and pine shoots. Mixed with paprika, garden, half each.

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