The National Theatre

The National Theatre

The National Theatre

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The National Theatre The theater is in the custody of the Department of Fine Arts exhibit, skits, plays, every Saturday - Sunday. Between December and April Thailand has a culture like pantomime theater in the lawns National Museum.
Department of Arts, dance, drama and music business transferred from the Bureau. The operation since 2475, but was still no national theater. But theater show of the Fine Arts Department. The Old Hall of the Fine Arts Department. The building is built of wood with zinc roofs.
Located on the right side of the seat, Shiva Dhamma Hermitage Pi as part of the Library, and the National Museum Worawong her God. Lord Rama Band Bike The newly renovated auditorium Later changed its name from. Hall at the Fine Arts Department is "Theater Arts," and the fire on November 9, 2503.
The National Theatre Started in fiscal year 2504 to 2508, with the budget costs totaling 56,484,465 baht by Mr. Issara Wiwatthananonth an architect and professor Dr. Arturo out Kanchana Falls is. Engineer Officer Subsequent modifications The old grandson celebrate the architect Kridakorn editors. With a budget of 41 million baht.
When construction is carried out for a while. The construction of the theater board Are respectfully invited to observe the Royal National Theatre under construction. Which His Majesty the King He proceeded on January 9, 2507 and Majesties Majesty diagnosis suggested several amendments. The National Theater was completed. And officially inaugurated on 23 December 2508 by Chom Phon Kittikachorn Prime Minister's opening ceremony.
King And Queen The Queen He graciously Visited Thailand on the occasion of the inauguration of Dramatic Arts and the National Theatre on the night of 23 December 2508, which has been showcasing the 3 Series 1. The golden flower floral hop salute. 2. the drama Sangsilchai. Where plated Sangsilchai 3. Dance Ramayana Rama series of police operations, which marks the beginning of National Theatre since then.
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