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The restaurant is a building catering for Or prepare ready-to-eat food and sell to the buyer to consume immediately The restaurant is divided into 8 categories as follows:
1. Fast Food restaurants These restaurants focus on convenience and speed. Not focus on service.
2. Fast Casual restaurants are many restaurants nowadays. Is a combination of Fast Food and Casual. It focuses on quality ingredients. And providing good service at a moderate level and more convenient and faster.
3. Casual restaurant is a restaurant that focuses on service and good atmosphere There are many food to choose from and unique.
4. Fine Dinning restaurants are luxury restaurants. Suitable for entertaining guests and customers with high purchasing ability The customer group is a tasteful group. And is a restaurant prepared by famous chefs such as Omakase Or the shop that received the Michelin Star Award.
5. Cateing restaurant is a restaurant that focuses on outside catering without a shop. But there is a central kitchen to store equipment and raw materials.
6. Delivery restaurant is a restaurant that offers food delivery according to an order May not have a storefront, such as high-priced seafood, clean food can be ordered online.
7. Food Truck restaurant is a restaurant in the car. Can move and can change the location of food sales Emphasizing the exotic in the taste of food.
8. Buffet restaurant focus on selling food to customers who like value. Prices will be determined individually.