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Northern Tourist Attractions

Northern Tourist Attractions

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Northern Tourist Attractions If we are looking for a cool place to visit. beautiful place natural The exquisite Lanna art and culture northern tradition and unique northern culture combined with traditional northern food I would think of one thing in the north, whether it is a trip to Chiang Mai. or a trip to Mae Hong Son They are all popular tourist destinations.
The North is a land with good traditions, rituals, beliefs, language, and dress that are worth searching for because the North is a land of diverse cultures. Therefore, it is a land that can be called the land of the Lanna cultural group. fragmented And divided into groups, living and having old traditions that are unique. Including the inheritance of religious traditions since ancient times.
In the north, the surrounding area is alternating with high mountains. Make the winter cold. And in summer the temperature is quite high. because far from the sea The local culture of the North can be divided as follows. dialect culture, dress culture, food culture, religious-belief culture and traditions of the North.
Northern tourism There are many, whether Arts, culture and heritage tourism, academic attractions, temples, royal projects or the royal project, lifestyle tourism, eco-tourism and wildlife nature, such as mountain trips, mountain trips, dams, national parks, waterfalls, as well as agricultural tourism Or go shopping at the walking street, you can choose to travel according to your style. 
20 Northern Attractions that you should not miss Traveling over the winter, including
Khun Mae Ya (Wild Himalayan Cherry)
Khun Mae Ya (Wild Himalayan Cherry) located in the care of Khun Mae Ya Watershed Management Unit under the upstream management department Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, located in area 2 of Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Son provinces, which is Tambon Pa Pae, Mae Taeng District, Chiang Mai Province. and Mae Hee Subdistrict, Pai District, along the way are filled with dense forests. Abundant and, of course, on the route, you will find Nang Phaya Sua Krong trees scattered with pine trees and leaves, and when we reach Khun Mae Ya Watershed Management Unit, the first thing we see. Since the entrance is The beauty of the blossoming Phaya Sua Krong flower in full bloom.
The museum houses the ancient Lanna
The museum houses the ancient Lanna Located on Huay Kaew Road Adjacent to the road along the irrigation canal Near the intersection of Ton Payom Market Under the Office of the Promotion of Arts and Culture Chiang Mai University Collected antique houses that were donated or sold to the museum. It consists of a group of 8 ancient houses worthy of study and conservation, namely Thai Lue House, Lung Kew House, Ka Lae House, Lanna Oui Kaew Folk House, Ka Lae House, Wiang Chiang Mai People House, Pan Ya Song House. and a barn or Lhong Khao.
Wat Rong Khun
Wat Rong Khun north tourism Pa O Don Chai Subdistrict Chiang Rai best Buddhist art Designed and constructed by Ajarn Chalermchai Kositpipat, a national artist. Branch of visual arts in 1997, on the original area of ​​​​the temple 3 rai and expanded to 12 rai. The white chapel is decorated with shiny silver mirror patterns. as a descending order Gable decorated with Naga The murals inside the ubosot and the painting room are very interesting.
Phu Chi Fa Forest Park
Phu Chi Fa Forest Park in the National Forest Mae Ing Forest on the right side and Mae Ngao Forest Ban Rom Fah Thong Village, Village No. 9 and Ban Rom Fah Thai Village, Village No. 10, Por Sub-district, Wiang Kaen District Chiang Rai in a protected forest area.
Pang Ung or Royal Forest Park Project
Pang Ung or Royal Forest Park Project Or with the full name that the Royal Project Pang Tong 2 (Pang Ung) is a tourist destination in the north. It is a project under the royal initiative of His Majesty saw this area as a dangerous area. Adjacent to the border with Burma, there are various troops, transportation, planting drugs.
Including the encroachment of deforestation areas, His Majesty the King and the Queen therefore initiated the idea to gather the minority people in that area and develop their livelihoods, promote a career in planting forests, build a reservoir. with the intention of building security along the border Improve the livelihood of the people and restore and conserve natural resources to be complete and sustainable forever.
Lilit Phra Lor Park

Lilit Phra Lor Park It is an archaeological site with a history related to Wiang Song (now Amphoe Song, Phrae Province), an ancient city referring to Thai literature on Lilit Phra Lo. and is enshrined Phra Si Sanphet The priceless amulet of Amphoe Song Inside the temple, there is a statue of Phra Lo, Phra Puen, Phra Phaeng, built as a memorial to commemorate the immortal love of Phra Law of Nakhon Man Suang. and Phra Phuen - Phra Phaeng of Second City.
Phu Thap Boek

Phu Thap Boek It is the highest peak in Phetchabun Province. cold weather And there is a very beautiful sea of mist. In addition, also experience the way of life of the hill tribes. clean air The climate is cool all year round. Due to the cold wind trough from the Himalayas and high altitude. Therefore, you can see the scenery far and wide. cloudy morning and the sea of mist intersects with the top of the Phetchabun mountain range.
Phu Thap Boek is now the location of the Hmong hill tribe village. who have migrated to live in Ban Thap Boek, Moo 14 and Moo 16, under the supervision of the Phetchabun Hill Tribe Development Center In around December - January There will be cherry blossoms or pink tiger queen queens blooming all over the mountain.
Mae Wong National Park
Mae Wong National Park tourist attractions in the north It covers an area of ​​2 provinces, namely Kamphaeng Phet Province. and Nakhon Sawan Province It is one of the most fertile forest areas in the west. The top of the mountain is often shrouded in clouds and cold all the time. Those interested will go to experience Mount Mokoju. Must prepare the body to be strong because the path up the hill has a slope of not less than 60 degrees. It takes 5 days to travel back and forth and must camp in the forest at the specified point. 
Wat Phra That Hariphunchai
Wat Phra That Hariphunchai It is a temple with beautiful architecture. north tourism Located in the heart of Lamphun There are roads surrounded on four sides, namely Attharot Road in the north. Chaimongkol Road in the south The road around the city in the east and Inthayongyot Road in the west.
Annual long boat race
Annual long boat race northern tourist attractions It is a long boat racing tradition. which will be held every year Around September at the Nan River area Tha Wang Pha Bridge develops Ban Tha Kham Song, Moo 7, Rim Subdistrict, to conserve and inherit local traditions.

Lom Phu Khew Tourism in the North, Lampang Province is a tourist attraction located in Tham Pha Thai National Park. It looks like a large basin like a volcanic crater. due to the collapse of the soil surface Also known as a "collapsing hole".
Lom Phu Khiao is considered as an Unseen Thailand tourist attraction hidden in the city of Lampang. The surrounding conditions are dry evergreen forests. surrounded by limestone mountains It is a tourist destination that is quiet. There are many kinds of animals living in it.
Kwan Phayao (Phayao Lake)

Kwan Phayao (Phayao Lake) tourist attractions in the north A large, very beautiful pond of Phayao Province. It is a basin that gathers 18 different creeks and is a breeding ground for more than 50 species of fish. The scenery around Kwan Phayao is shady. You can see the intricate and beautiful mountain ranges. There is a restaurant on the edge of Kwan. Organized as a park suitable for sitting. relax in the evening and watch the sun.

 Sirikit Dam

Sirikit Dam
 northern tourist attractions recreation place The atmosphere is shady and cool, located at Ban Pha Som, Tha Pla Subdistrict, Uttaradit Province. Sirikit Dam is an earthen dam built to block the Nan River at Pha Som

Mon Kiew Lom

Mon Kiew Lom
 Tourism in the North, Tak Province, another beautiful sunrise viewing point and can watch the sea of ​​mist Mae Ramoeng It is one of Thailand's top sea mist viewing spots. Walking to Mon Kiew Lom I must admit that the distance is quite far. Can't walk in one trip There must be a stopover and camping before continuing. A favorite trip for most travelers is to walk to Mulberry and stay one night. before watching the sunrise and morning mist Then continue walking to Mon Kiew Lom for about 6 kilometers.

Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park

Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park
 tourist attractions in the north that has been declared a world heritage The art that appears has a contemporary style between Sukhothai and Ayutthaya.

Ban Dong Ho Chi Minh Museum

Ban Dong Ho Chi Minh Museum Tambon Pa Makab, Amphoe Mueang Phichit Phichit Province northern tourist attractions It is a community-style eco-tourism attraction. and a museum for learning Experience the living museum and the story of President Ho Chi Minh model of the world while you live in Thailand Inspiring Thai people to know more about Phichit

Man Daeng Waterfall

Man Daeng Waterfall
 Phitsanulok Province tourist attractions in the north beautiful waterfall Relax in nature with cool weather all year round. a large waterfall and the most beautiful The waterfall itself is tucked away in isolation in the evergreen forest. The waterfall has 32 tiers and a large tier with 9 tiers, perfect for those who love trekking. and love adventur

Ban Na Ton Chan

Ban Na Ton Chan
 It is located in Tambon Ban Tuek. Si Satchanalai District Sukhothai A tourist destination in the north that should not be missed learn the way of life and the distinctive identity of the people in the community conservative Travel to experience the nature in a comprehensive way. Homestay accommodation for tourists Come to stay with the owner of the house, do activities together, learn the way of life in the community. Ban Na Ton Chan is a traditional community migrated from the northern city. and the city of Laplae There are also tourist activities where local guides take you to various points of the village to see ancient monuments and other ways of life.

Pang Sawan Weir

Pang Sawan Weir 
North, Uthai Thani Province The stream flows like a curtain of a small waterfall caused by water overflowing over the cement dam during the rainy season. In the atmosphere of the green nature Visitors can stand and take beautiful photos among the waterfalls. Can swim in the dam and have fun. Not many people. In the future, it will become a famous photo corner. And is a popular tourist destination in Uthai Thani provinc

Khao Sakae Krang

Khao Sakae Krang
 Uthai Thani Province northern tourist attractions It is the location of the Mondop enshrined a replica of the Buddha's Footprint. which moved from Wat Chantharam It is a very beautiful place.

Northern Thailand Map The topography is a mountain range stretching from the north to the south. The mountain ranges that are important are Thanon Thongchai Mountains by a large mountain range and the longest of the northern map in Thailand.
Northern Dharma Culture and northern traditions It is a group of Lanna culture which is ancient and unique. There is a local accent, singing, dancing and ancient traditions. Lanna people have beliefs about worshiping ghosts. Because there is a belief that every place will have a ghost that is protected, such as a ghost culture tradition. Therefore, it was molded into a blend of beliefs and Buddhism, resulting in a tradition that is consistent with the way of life of the northern people.
Northern food Northern people have a unique eating culture, such as popular to eat. Sticky rice is the main. There are various types of chili paste such as Nam Prik Nom, Nam Prik Ong, and there are many types of northern curry.
The northern region has a distinctive social and cultural traditions. which has been restored, inherited and developed into the production of goods and services, especially as a tourist destination with health services and products internationally renowned handicrafts The agricultural area of ​​the northern region is small, suitable for adjusting the production system. To create value according to organic agriculture In addition, the location of the North has the potential to expand trade, investment, and economic connectivity with neighboring countries in the Greater Mekong Sub-region. and can expand to southern China and South Asian countries along the North-South and East-West Economic Corridors. including being an important watershed forest area of ​​the country.
Natural resources in the north
1. Soil resources are moderate to low fertility. because most of the area is high It has a very steep slope. and deforestation Will cause erosion and soil erosion easily. The soil found in various river basins is Alluvian soil suitable for farming. and soil Suitable for growing crops.
2. Water Resources Rivers in the north are short rivers consisting of many streams. And the largest freshwater lake in the North is Kwan Phayao, where many small dams have been built for irrigation. and used to generate electricity such as the Sirikit Dam Uttaradit Province, Kiew Lom Dam, Lampang Province, Kaeng Suea Ten Dam, Phrae Province and Mae Ngad Somboon Chon Dam Chiang Mai Province.
3. Forest Resources The northern region is the region with the most fertile forests. Most of them are evergreen forests, pine forests and mixed forests. The province with the most forest area is Chiang Mai Province The province with the least forest area is Lamphun Province.
4. Mineral Resources There are many important minerals of the North. But because the structure of the stone is an old stone The major minerals are tin, tungsten or wolfram, manganese, fluorite, kaolin, precious stones, petroleum, shale and coal.
The main economic activities in the North are
1. Agriculture is an activity that generates income for the population in the north such as gardening, farming, farming, and animal husbandry. Major crops are rice, tobacco, garlic, strawberry fields. and soybeans, etc.
2. Industry. Most of them are household industries. The most popular ones are wood carving, paper umbrella making, pottery, basketry, porcelain. and handicraft weaving, etc.
3. Factory industry It is a factory that produces products using local agricultural raw materials, such as tobacco factories, instant food factories.
4. Tourism industry There is a continuous promotion of tourism. because it is a popular tourist province There are beautiful landscapes, good weather, good culture and traditions. and should be preserved
Northern development guidelines
1. Conservation and restoration of ecosystems and forests in upstream forests in 8 provinces in the upper northern region, especially Nan province, by focusing on restoring degraded watershed forests to be fertile. To be a stable resource base and a source of rainwater absorption and increase the amount of water cost in each basin In parallel with the prevention of encroachment and destruction of forest areas. as well as promoting forest planting to increase watershed forest areas.
2. Develop the watershed management system in the main watersheds of the North, namely the Ping, Wang, Yom, and Nan basins, and to develop important natural water reservoirs such as Bueng Boraphet, Nakhon Sawan Province, and Bueng Si Fai, Phichit Province. and Phayao Kwan, Phayao Province, in order to achieve a balance in terms of supply, use and conservation.
3. Solve the problem of smog in the upper northern region and Tak province by promoting the conversion of agriculture from monoculture to agroforestry system. appropriate Promoting the use of agricultural waste take advantage to reduce the burning of agricultural materials and promoting the participation process of the government, the private sector, the people, and the local government in preventing and solving the haze problem.
How many provinces are there in the north? in the upper northern provinces, there are 9 provinces Chiang Rai Province, Chiang Mai Province, Lamphun Province, Lampang Province, Phrae Province, Nan Province, Phayao Province, Mae Hong Son Province and Uttaradit Province.
The lower northern provinces have 8 provinces including Tak Province, Phitsanulok Province, Sukhothai Province, Phetchabun Province, Phichit Province, Kamphaeng Phet Province, Nakhon Sawan Province. and Uthai Thani Province.
Total 17 provinces in the northern region, including Chiang Rai Province, Chiang Mai Province, Lamphun Province, Lampang Province, Phrae Province, Nan Province, Phayao Province, Mae Hong Son Province, Uttaradit Province, Tak Province, Phitsanulok Province, Sukhothai Province, Phetchabun Province, Phichit Province, Kamphaeng Phet Province, Nakhon Sawan Province and Uthai Thani Province.

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