Phu Chi Fa Forest Park

Phu Chi Fa Forest Park

Phu Chi Fa Forest Park

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Phu Chi Fa Forest Park Bo, Wiang Kaen, Chiang Rai. In the National Reserved Forest Mae Ing forest on the right bank and Mae Ngao forest Rom Fah Thong Village.
In the forest conservation area Or forest area, zone C, according to the map ZONING, the area that is surveyed and seen should be established as a forest park about 2,500 rai by the Royal Forest Department has ordered to establish a forest park on February 6, 1998 with the following contact territory:
- North take Highway No. 1093.
- South to the ridge.
- East of the ridge / border of Thailand - Lao People's Democratic Republic.
- West take Highway No. 1093.
Topography The park is a high hill in the Doi Pha Mon mountain range, bordering the Thai-Lao People's Democratic Republic. Height from sea level from 1,200 meters to 1,628 meters. The highest point is the view point area. With an average slope of around 40 percent.
Climate Characteristics The mountain air is quite cool, but the season is a tropical monsoon. Influenced by the southwest monsoon during the rainy season And northeast wind during the cold season, divided into 3 seasons which are summer season from March to May, rainy season starting from June to October and winter season from November to February.
Plants and wildlife:
- is a rainforest Except on the top of Phu Chi Fa is a grassland of about 300 rai. Important species of plants are white flower, spur, kang kang, red kang, water kenji, cinnamon, frankincense, frankincense, Saraphi, Champa, Champa, Champi forest. The grass, vetiver grass, rat grass, broom grass, broom grass, different types of moss.
- Mammal Common sightings are deer barking deer, wild boar, civet, musk tigerflies, tigers, wild cats, hogs, marmosets, hedgehogs, mongoose, bats, wild hares, flying squirrels, chipmunks.
- Birds that can be seen are doves, hawks, herons, eagles, owls, bulbul birds, ostriches, ostriches, bulbuls, bulbul birds, Asian birds, magpies, canaries, parrots, beaks, starlings, lions, teacups, swallows, peacocks, centipedians, woodpeckers, cuckoo pheasant.
- Amphibians Which are seen as turtles, frogs, sneezing, toads, scalding.
- Reptile Which are found in various types of snakes, lizards, pecks, wild geckos, flying lizards, lizards, skinkers, centipedes, scorpions, millipedes.
- Fish that are found are Cheek fish, Striped fish, Fish bone, White fish, Siu fish.
Tourist attraction Phu Chi Fa Is the highest peak in the Doi Pha Mon mountain range High from the sea level 1,628 meters above the Lao People's Democratic Republic With steep cliffs Is the most beautiful viewpoint In the winter, there will be special scenery.
Most tourists will come to stay at Baan Rom Fah Thong, approximately 1.5 kilometers away from the view point and will walk to Phu Chi Fah to see the morning view. On the way, will find a queen tiger forest plantation Flowering beautiful blooms (January - February) and during the month of February, white crescent trees around Phu Chee Fah will bloom in full foothills. Activities: Camp watch, view.
Facilities - Accommodation at Phu Chi Fa Forest Park There are no lodges or camping services for tourists. If tourists want to go to camp Please bring your own tent. In which the park has prepared a place with toilets.
As for food, must prepare themselves. Then go to ask for permission to use the place with the staff at the Phu Chi Fah Forest Park Head Office.
Travel: Phu Chi Fah is far from Mueang District. Chiang Rai province, approximately 144 kilometers from the city. Chiang Rai province To Phu Chi Fah along the route as follows:
- From Mueang Chiang Rai District to Thoeng District Through the three intersection of Phu Sang Wittayakhom School Ban Sop Bong and Ban Muang Chum Junction, then continue on Will reach Phu Chi Fah.
- Follow Highway No. 1093 through Phu Sang Waterfall, Ban Huak Dam, Highland Agricultural Extension Center, Doi Pha Mon This route is a 104 km paved road and 40 km of gravel soil via 3 major tourist spots:
1. Phu Sang Waterfall (Phu Sang National Park) and Ban Huok Toll Plaza Thai border village.
2. Laos People's Democratic Republic.
3. Doi Pha Mon High Agricultural Extension Center Experiment and promote the planting of temperate flowers such as tulips, lilies from Phu Chi Fa. Can travel to Doi Pha Tang. Wiang Kaen District Chiang Rai province.
Which is 25 kilometers away along the provincial route in the distance of 25 kilometers and from Doi Pha Tang can still travel to Chiang Khong District Chiang Saen District And Mae Sai District Chiang Rai as well.
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