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Wat Chao Am

Wat Chao Am

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Wat Chao Am 132 Bang Khun Non Road Bang Khun Non Bangkok Noi Bangkok 10700, area 12 rai, in front of the temple on the east side There is Bang Khun Non Road that cuts through the front of the temple. According to the chronicle records, This temple was built in 1779 B.E. during the Thonburi era. His Majesty King Thonburi King Taksin the Great was the builder of Wat Chao Am In the area of ​​Ban Loom Choeng Lane Thonburi Suburbs to dedicate the royal merit to consort or the concubine, or the concubine.
Later, he had the idea to build a temple. Therefore, His Highness sought an area in the suburbs of Thonburi. to build a temple and in the royal chronicles said that he had built a large prang to bring the ashes of his wife to be packed as a memorial as well.
The construction of this temple was not completed. Since he had gone to suppress various enemy congregations for up to 3 years, and during that period there was still no peace, war and rioting, so the construction of various temples within Chao Am temple was interrupted, lack of continuity. unsuccessful as the heart that he had set aspirations has been abandoned for a long time.
Later, in the latter period, villagers in the Loam Choeng Lane neighborhood So they helped to build it up again. The original artifacts of this temple It was a pity because of those buildings. It has been built for a very long time. and lack of restoration therefore deteriorated and decayed according to the condition.
Thavorn objects, few that are in good condition. Wat Chao Am was originally a temple located in the middle of the garden. Transportation is quite difficult. Therefore, not many people know. monks and novices rarely remember the Buddhist Lent because traffic is difficult.
Later, Field Marshal Praphas Charusathien, during his tenure as Minister of Interior National Security Director with Thanpuying Sawai Jarusathien and senior officials in the civil, military and police departments.
Have faith and bring a large drum to offer at Wat Chao Am along with bringing the Sri Maha Bodhi tree and the Sara tree at the Ambassador of India Brought from Bodhgaya, India. came to plant at Wat Chao Am On Saturday, November 8, 1969.
By Field Marshal Praphat Charusathien said that His Majesty King Thonburi King Taksin the Great His Highness built this temple. to dedicate royal merits to the consort Am or Chao Am.
Field Marshal Praphas Charusathien was the host of donations to renovate the pagoda of Wat Chao Am, which has been dilapidated for a long time. By having a stable and beautiful condition by keeping the shape of the old thing in all respects which originally intended to decorate the whole gold mosaic that will be ordered from Italy But the temple committee is afraid that in the future.
If there was any deterioration, it would be difficult to restore it. So I only asked to paint the whole body white. On the day of the Solemnity of the Prang, Field Marshal Praphas Charusathien brought the Buddha's relics down to contain at the top of the prang as well.
With the intent to restore the various senas of the dilapidated temple To have a beautiful stable condition as well. Later, after various political events have changed, construction and restoration work at Wat Chao Am. of Field Marshal Praphas Charusathien therefore canceled.
Wat Chao Am received Wisung Kham Sima Along with the construction of the temple around the year 1779, the territory of the west is 212 meters long, next to Lam Kradong. and private land The east is 160 meters long, next to Bang Khun Non Road, the south is 114 meters long, adjacent to Lam Kradong and private land, the north is 118 meters long, adjacent to Lam Kradong. and the canal of Wat Chao Am.
At the soil of monks, there are 1 plots, area 1 rai 97 square wa, title deed no. 146, at the temple location It is a plain in a garden with a canal surrounding it. It has now become an allotted village with more people. Transportation has Bang Khun Non Road. Passing in front of the temple to the east, Senasana building consists of 1 ubosot, 1 viharn, 1 worship pavilion built in 1977 and 16 monks.
There is a presiding Buddha image in the Ubosot in the subduing Mara posture, with a lap face of 3 cubits, cast with metal, is a Buddha image in the U-Thong period, Luang Pho To in the viharn is laterite in the attitude of subduing Mara with a lap face of 3 cubits, a large prang and contains the Buddha's relics at the top of the prang arch. The Buddha image stood about 3 cubits high in all four directions, with Phatthasema. Around the ubosot is a pair of Phatthasema, usually only the royal temple, the chandelier and the glass lamp in the ubosot hanging from the ceiling are ancient things.
The temple has opened teaching the Dharma since 1969 - the present with monks and novices who passed the Dharma-Pali exam. It's a lot of honour. And there are monks who can pass the 9-sentence test, which is considered the highest level of education of the Sangha. Under Wat Chao Am, there are 4 images:
No. 1, Phra Maha Samit Techapanya, passed the exam in 1996, No. 2 Phra Maha Chinnapat Jokkamethi, passed the examination in 1999, No. 3 Phra Maha Thanasit Sitthi Yano took the exam in 2001, No. 4, Phra Maha Yutthana Khantiphalo, took the exam in 2002.
There are also primary schools under Bangkok. and a public health center located at the temple as well. Chao Am Temple Administration and Proceedings There are abbots from the past to the present, respectively, as follows: 1. Rector Choei 2. Rector 3. Rector of Young 4. Rector He held the position until 1968. 5. Phrakhru Niwit Sathuwat (Thonglam Yasothara, Phor. Thor. 5) has been in office since 1969 - present.
Chao Am Temple, Bang Khun Non Subdistrict Bangkok Noi Bangkok After being prosperous all along Nowadays, traveling is much more convenient. Phrakru Niwit Sathuwat Abbot of Chao Am Temple Priest of Bang Khunnon Subdistrict and monks and novices, Chao Am Tayok Tayika Temple committee and Buddhists have tried to help speed up the development of Wat Chao Am.
By the construction of restoration of various Senasana temples that have been deteriorated to a new condition To honor His Majesty King Thonburi (King Taksin the Great) who has built this temple. and in order to continue to honor Buddhism
Where is Wat Chao Am Bang Khun Non?
Route 1 runs on Borommaratchachonnani Road. into Bangkok, make a U-turn under the bridge At Khlong Bangkok Noi, turn left into the first alley. The same entrance as Wat Kai Tia When you turn left, go straight through the story, go straight through 3 intersections, cross the bridge over the canal. On the right will pass the Legal Execution Department, through the Coca Cola factory, Chao Am Temple will be on the right.
Route 2 from Phra Pinklao Bridge Go straight to Borommaratchachonnani, follow the road on the left, pass Centraub Pinklao, drive straight along Borommaratchachonnani Road. When getting off the bridge, keep right immediately to divert onto the main road. Then turn left into the first alley.
From Bang Khen:
- Line 59, 503 Ratchadamnoen Klang Road, Benz showroom, opposite Sueksaphan, connect to line 79
- Line 34, 39, 59, 63, 177, 503, etc. Victory Monument, continue at the sign of Rajavithi Hospital
From Victory Monument:
- Signage of Rajavithi Hospital, Sai 28, 125, 515, 539, 542, go down to the end of Soi Bang Khun Non Walk back across the road, take two rows down, and route 57, cross the Chak Phra Canal, the Legal Execution Department, go down opposite Wat Chao Am.
From Lat Phrao, Ratchada Intersection:
- Line 8, 27 to the Victory Monument, then connect to the bus at the stop of Rajavithi Hospital.
- Route 44, Ratchadamnoen Klang Road
- Line 8, get off at Sampeng sign, continue with line 40, 56 Makro Charan sign (at the entrance of Soi Charan 39), get off at the red two rows, Bang Khunnon Road - Chao Am Temple
From Mo Chit:
- Po. 157 and Por. 509 Ratchadamnoen Klang Road Tor 79
By boat: Take a van to Nonthaburi Pier. Get on the boat to Siriraj Then continue to Bang Khun Non canned car.

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