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Since international sport activities brought to Thailand at the period of the King Chulalongkorn the Great (King RamaV), it was supported and promoted to become part of Nationwide’s sport along with the national sport or traditional sport. At that time, government set up program to promote excellence in sport. Through its sports promotional schemes, government provide requisite infrastructure, equipment, coaching facilities and competition exposure. Now it was obligated to Ministry of Education of Thailand to work on sport authority.
Sport in Thailand has rounded development of the human personality, but the international competition exposure during that time was obligated to ‘Sport Committee’ with no support fund from the government which resulted in unsuccessful in sport.
So people in sport society has formed the alliances for many kinds of sport, formed the Thailand Olympic Committee such as Phaya Chindarak, Luang Sukhum Naipradith, Mr. Kuln Isarasaena Na Ayudhdaya, Mr.Chalhok Komarakul Na Nakorn, Mr.Wilas Boonnark, Mr.Sawadse Lekhayayayon and Mr.Klong Visutharom are all agree that there should be the government organization that direct responsible for the country sport policy, look after Thai athlete , coordinate to promote the human sport, promote and wide spread playing sport in society, set the criteria for powerful country’s representative.
In 2507, the success time of organizing Thai International Sport has come when the King Chulalongkorn The Great (King RamaV) announced to have Sport Authority of Thailand by referring to state of law no. 3 (of year 1953 act) in set up the government organization, authorized to have Sport Authority of Thailand in September12, 1964
(The reason support on using this Supreme Act is Sport is one of the most important things in enhancing the sprit, bring people good health, lead people to right decision and being an instrument to make people around the world know about Thailand.
Sport create the harmony among national but sport in Thailand has not well develop enough to be compete with other countries, so we need to support them to meet the international standard. We should promote the human interest; make sport become popular activities in the country. Moreover, current situation on sport committee are scattered which bring the difficulty in operation, so there should be center organization to support and responsible for all service to people) SAT aimed to;
1. Promote sport along nationwide
2. Provide support, help and advice in organizing and operating Amateur Athletic
3. Explore, build and restore amateur athletic place
4. Contact and coordinate with organization or Amateur Athletic Association both in country and international
5. Operating some other business which benefit to or Amateur Athletic
6. Provide advice to the government association in sport concerns and persuade people play sport in order to help improving the quality of the nations lifestyle
7. Seek and collect information from government and private association for making country statistic on amateur athletic. To meet the objective, SAT was authorized to be control center of and has the right to manager amateur athletic to prevent the possible danger from playing sport or any which might bring the loss to country.
Sport Organization of Thailand is the state enterprise association belong to Minister Affair which managed by committee of Sport Organization of Thailand appointed by Cabinet Ministers; Director of Sport Organization of Thailand to run the operation of organization appointed to Luang Sukhum Nai Pradit ( He held the position of Secretary of Office of Civil Service Commission) as the first Director of Sport Organization of Thailand
At the beginning, Sport Organization of Thailand use Olympic swimming pool of Physical Education Department as a temporary office for 4 years (since October01, 1964 until March09, 1968) then move to new office at Huamark Sport Complex
Though, the Sport Organization of Thailand has not its own office, but it did not affect their working performance to support the government policy for sport concern. They can take full responsibility for both national and international sport activities. The fist international sport mission was to be secretary office committee on being the Fifth Asian Game Host Country in year 1966
After completed being the Fifth Asian Game Host in 1966, Cabinet Minister had set up Meeting Summary for Asian Game report on February 7, 1967 and has resolution to let the Sport Organization of Thailand own and look after Huamark Sport Complex which area 265.452 Rai, and left the task to process to buy back land at the front yard that were in expropriate problem area 4 Rai 96 Square wahs (with Year1968’s budget 280,000 baht). So Huamark Sport Complex area became 270 Rai even since.
Sport Organization of Thailand had moved from temporary office, Olympic swimming pool of Department of Physical Education to new office at Hua Mark Indoor Stadium since March 10, 1968. After that the building need to be renovated, so Sport Organization of Thailand Office was moved to new building at the Indoor Training Center in Hua Mark Sport Complex in April15, 1976. And then in year1977, the new office building for Sport Organization of Thailand was built at the front area of Hua Mark Sport Complex and being an organization permanent office since June15, 1978.
Though Sport Organization of Thailand is government organization that responsible for country’s sport activities but it is only the institution by royal decree and these became difficulty on national sport administration, especially the budget problem, problem on monitoring sport activities on private section to be conform to government policy.
At the same time, many athletes are all agree that the sport in Thailand was not well-organized; lack of promotional effectiveness on sport utilities and no organization has direct response in taking care and prevent the cheating on the sport which spoils country’s reputation
On October 17, 1985, His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej Rama IX of Thailand be kind to provide the stamp of the act of athletic law on announcement matter no.102 section 149 to be “Sport Authority of Thailand, (SAT)” instead of Sport Organization of Thailand. And give the authority to SAT to take care and control all sport concerns for highest effective quality for below objectives.
1. Promote sport
2. Be a center of all sport coordinator concerns
3. Study, analyze and create the project, planning and statistic of everything that use to promote sport and make the evaluation on project
4. Organize, help and coordinate in operating sport activities both in nation and international
5. Explore, build and restore amateur athletic place
6. Contact and coordinate with organization or Amateur Athletic Association both in country and international
7. Monitor and control any sport organizing
8. Operating some other business which benefit to or Amateur Athletic
In year 2002, His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej Rama IX of Thailand be kind to improve the act of law regarding ministry, bureau, and department for this act to organize the Ministry of Tourism and Sport since October3, 2002. In October 9, 2002, his majesty the king has royal decree to transfer the report office of Sport Authority of Thailand to Ministry of Tourism and Sport instead of the office of prime minister. After that in October 16, 2007, Minister Cabinet has changed Director General of Physical Education Office to have 15 committees run the Sport Authority of Thailand instead.
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