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The museum temple

The museum temple

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Opening Hours: Monday - Sunday
Hours: 08:00 to 17:30.
Located at Moo 2, Tambon Nong Yang Aumper Sansay, Chiang Mai In Rong Meng Temple has The museum was established in his journey, which is the learning culture of the Lanna people. The collection of materials reflecting the history of the stories in the past.
They are also places of opportunity for those interested in matters of art, antiques, has been active visitors without charge to visit the museum, Wat Rong Meng to watch and study all day everyday since. 08.00 am - 17.30 pm
The history of Wat Rong Meng
“Wat Rong Meng was located at  1(218)Moo 2, Tambon Nong Yeang , Chiang Mai Province. Sam Sangha Maha Nikai bite. The area of land measuring five acres and 80 square meters 2 Ms. 585, No. 3 in the territory north about 109 meters down the mine and the people in the south about 79 yards down the field of population.
East about 83 yards down the field of population. East for about 117 yards down the field of population. The main temple hall Esnrsna monks and Buddhist monk stockrooms Pochniiwanttu the Sing Sing, one of the three bronze Buddha images and pagodas.
The journey was made on the 2350 Wisuongcamseamr be held on June 23, 2514 the 15 m long, 20 meters wide Wisugcamsima Creeks divide and rule is known as a pastor.
1. Ehgaatikar families. Copyright 2432-2444.
2. Ehgaatikar hat. Copyright 2445-2455.
3. is the Somkid 2456-242463.
4. The president of Sri information. Copyright 2464-2475.
5. The superior merit agitate Copyright 2476-2486.
6. of the Spam Act Si 2487-2491.
7. Ehgaatikar Dawn Arunee signs of 2492-2500.
8. The President's Merit Pa๋ It's meta analysis of 2500-2508.
9. is superior campaign skills tutor as he makes them by 2508-2513.
10. Kowit're fairly beautiful (in Sri bright in master) 2514 - present.
The ecclesiastical department of the school fair. Students from the year 2477 in addition to the library. And training of district residents.
The museum was Meng. Was established on October 1, 2527 by Sri're clearly in United's (Boon Peng), while the priest was given a fan of rank. According to Rachtinnam. Kowit're fairly beautiful. Abbacy And the Cottage Sansai, Chiang Mai, Nong primate.
With a special interest in conservation. Artifacts that are valuable but neglected ancient statue antique art objects used in everyday cookery. The typical form of art and culture are derived from local knowledge. Who have inherited a long time. The hundreds of thousands of items. I have lost. And it is also found everywhere.
Kowit're fairly beautiful. See the value of rare antique vintage from a novice. Antique pieces first. Is received. Brick arch molding mold. (The statue was a spin) at home mother of Jesus. Which has been handed down from ancestors. The mold is made of teak wood is over 100 years ago, preserved at the temple.
The object is a piece of this museum. From the beginning it. Makes sense to start thinking about things. Used various efforts to engage fathers have created a family. It is very important. The conservation of these objects to future generations to experience and learn to see life as the former.
The first step in an appeal to preserve the old. Appliances on a daily basis. Then the first spin on the arc for a brick built pond. Placed at the front desk cubicle. With what others like porcelain tile, etc. I put together about 100 pieces of faith in the people nearby. He also began to see that.
Ask about the history of the origin and purpose of preservation. Some new things that I do not know what it is. I asked about the benefits. Did I make a lovely Kowit. Have to explain to the public as to the believers in the village - nearby district. Different purposes in mind. I take walks. Old appliances and old Buddha images.
Was presented to the museum. A greater measure. Since then, there are about 1,000 pieces from the board that the storage of fuel. Has expanded into the locker room cubicle to 3, but it is not easy for the public to believe they are very narrow.
The provost Kowit lovely fair. The current construction. Then the old folk. Appliances, cookery. The use of a different religion into account in the new building. I know this is a kith and kin and faith in the village, district and province. The donors have repeatedly brought the current total is more than 4,000 pieces of antiques and folk art objects.
Antiques and art objects of all this. Were all acquired by the donor. Or to give to the temple. To the public in the museum of the temple. Did not buy any. One reason Kowit're fairly beautiful. I want to buy. If bought with money. Will be spinning for speculative prices (profits) are to be turbulence.
This is true for one donor. The donation was made on the account. The items were well protected by the Archaeological Department. The people who visit us more. Being a witness to the historic preservation of antiques as well. It is dedicated to trust the things that always comes up.
The museum building was Meng. It is filled with antiques, art objects, many of the old. The walls of the buildings on all four sides. Did you have a lovely Kowit fairly good craftsman (Mr Manit growth) was Sansai. Drawing on the cultural life of the living things in the past. Woo her like pounding rice.
The women spin cotton woo. The rural village in the past. The handicraft. Train wagon wheel. In the past, transportation, etc. These are but a sense of imagination. Imagine that back in the past 40 to 50 years ago as a village. People are not bound traffic to come to do.
Those who visit the museum, Wat Rong Meng. The image seen above. Recall and remember their past. The first settlement houses in the old-fashioned. The magic of painting from the painter's craft people. I have the spirit of their ancestors are buried.
There are a delicacy to be enjoyed complete peace of cereal crops. The body's way of making life a living unity. And cultural life in the extremely elaborate. These images have to be written up. It can be very valuable to the details of a rather complete. Even the media, magazines have taken a different cover. And distributed widely to the public.
The museum was Meng. The treasure of all. I leave it on the journey. An abbot. Monks Aubask worshipers believe all people. Together to preserve and cherish a place where people can visit to learn knowledge. Find the past and the remembrance of things lost. It remains here only. That belongs to the community. Where people can walk through the door to visitors, at no extra cost to you.
The museum was open to the journey and learn all day everyday from 8:00 am to 7:30 pm Free admission with those who visited all the students, the general public. As well as tourists. Educators will visit foreign countries.
Kowit're fairly beautiful. I miss you. The antiques, art objects and ancient folk instruments. Antiques and would like to thank all donors who are interested. Visitors. Which would benefit more or less. Archaeological and art historical study Lanna folk wisdom. And to entertain. In comparison to the past - present.
Thanks to all the media outlets. Local public television stations, newspapers and magazines, academic journals and English language. The museum has taken the music journey. The way of people actually go out to the public at large to publish.
The journey was intended to establish the museum.
Determination of fair Kowit're beautiful. Since the old pioneer. Treatment of the donation until it became a museum is to act as curators. The responsibilities of fathers. And public faith. To the maintenance department. Artifacts are not well. So that future generations have seen the study. The are the property of any person. The sounds of life in the days ahead. It is common to all the museums.
However, the main goal of the founding of the museum are four reasons.
A. To preserve the artifacts. And antiquities are not lost.
Two. To antiques to future generations has been known to have studied.
Three. So that future generations learn the ways of living. Local cultural traditions.
Four. To traditional Lanna Thai culture. The legacy is forever.

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