Pak Sam Demo Station and Agriculture, Forestry, Environment Project

Pak Sam Demo Station and Agriculture, Forestry, Environment Project

Pak Sam Demo Station and Agriculture, Forestry, Environment Project

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Pak Sam Demo Station and Agriculture, Forestry, Environment Project On February 6, 2543, Queen Sirikit. Along with HRH Crown Prince. Crown Prince, His Majesty visit the people and saw the Alu potat garden.
The distance from home Baan Pak Sam to the west about two kilometers and found that the two area an important watershed including the Huai Hok Luang, Houi Na Yao, Houi Na Aon that flows into the Mae Taeng. The forest area has been compromised for taro and lychee farm There will likely has been compromised more and more.
According increasing the number of people who live surrounding villages. Include Ban Pek Sam, Baan Hin Teaw, Ban Lak Tang and Ban Pieang Lung.
These villages are also border area Vulnerable to the problems of drugs and the effects of organized border of neighboring countries. This is a threat to national security.
Has reassigned to the establishment of a Demo Station For development of the village and living of local people. Including the conservation and restoration of forests to restore completely.
As a source of water for people to use consumer/consumption. Including used in agriculture next. In summary, the key is:
1. The development of agriculture With a Demo Station broadcast agriculture, forestry and the environment. Source for technology transfer in agriculture for people who work in the station when it is already expanding into village for development by focusing on the people to operate their livelihood area.
2. Water Resource Development and conservation and forest restoration. To provide enough water for consumption and agriculture.
Location of project Located at coordinates MB 6582 Moo 6. Piang Luang district, Wiang Haeng Chiang Mai. Height from average sea level about 1,300 meters away from the border about 700 meters. 
The original is located in Chiang Dao National Forest. The original is located in National Forest. Later declared a national park
The objective is to promote and increase the potential of agriculture and livestock to meet the livelihoods of people in the target area. For supply and improve water  for use in consumption and agriculture in the area.
For conserve and restore watershed forest make a moist cover areas targeted. To organize the community, improving the quality of life. The potential for self-sufficiency of people to live without trouble. And to raise awareness of Thai.
Topography The area is a steep high mountain. Water resources such as Houi Na Yaw, Houi Na Aon.
Weather In winter season December to January The weather is very cold In summer in February to April Weather is very hot. In rainy season rains are heavy.
Pak Sam Demo Station and Agriculture, Forestry, Environment Project Map Pak Sam Demo Station and Agriculture, Forestry, Environment Project Map
Royal Project Group: Royal Project
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