Poo Mueng Waterfall

Poo Mueng Waterfall

Poo Mueng Waterfall

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Operating day: Daily
Operating time: 08.00 - 17.00
Poo Mueng Waterfall Located in Mae Sao District, Mae Ai, Chiang Mai. Stay 10 km from the highway, take the same route to Ban Lek Nai Pa Yai. If you travel in May, you will see full red lychee. And you may have a chance to taste it on the way.
Travel Go to the waterfall rather to be comfortable. Because it is a reinforced concrete road. There is a parking lot and bathrooms are available to those who visit. At the parking spot, walk about 300 meters to the waterfall.
During the walk you will experience the beauty of the forest, Wildflowers bloom and you will also find a giant bamboo. With large trunk up the corridor. Walk for a while, you will find a waterfall. The water flows from Doi Pha Luang (Doi Hom Pook).
The prominence of the waterfall is like a trunk by naturally occurring. When the tide is flowing against the hole in the middle of the floor.
When the tide is flowing against the hole in the middle of the middle of the floor. It will go up and down to the fog, which looks like a beautiful trunk. This is considered to be a natural miracle that is difficult to find. This has water all year round.
Poo Mueng Waterfall Map Poo Mueng Waterfall Map
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