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Wat Chan Royal Project Development Center

Wat Chan Royal Project Development Center

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Operating day: Daily
Operating time: 08.00 - 17.00
Wat Chan Royal Project Development Center 2522 BE. His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej has visited the hill tribe in the village. He saw the suffering of Hilltribes in the area. As well as transport routes, it not favorable for life.
There is the area responsible for 153 592 rai, covering 19 villages in Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Son, two villages. The population in the area is the hill tribes's Paka Goe Yor (Karen) of 1,823 families. Topography is pine forest and a large dipterocarp abundance. 960 meters above the sea level.
Agricultural Tourism Visit demonstration plots of vegetables and fruits in winter, such as plum, persimmon, plum, pear, etc.
Visit demonstration plots of vegetables and fruits of Karen.
Visit vegetable plots vegetables of various colors within the center such as radish, Swiss chard, artichoke, mini pumpkin, garlic, etc. Visit promote highland Ranch such as rabbits, deer, chicken mixed breeds, goats, etc.
The Nature Enjoy the beauty of the centuries-old pine forest. Pine forest natural is the largest in the country. A nature trail has 2 routes.
Route 1 Visit Merkus  pine forest There is a natural pine forest. There are many species of wild orchids and endemic birds away from the center three kilometers (about 1 kilometer route, then walk another two kilometers).
Route 2 Visit Pinus kesiya forest. There are trees and many species of rare birds. The walk is about one kilometer away from the center.
Visit The Pine Forest, Visit the flower inside center as a hydrangea blossom and Siam Tulip. Scenic spots sea fog At the next between Baan Den and Baan Houi Tong.
Houi Hom Waterfall It has beautiful scenery filled with ferns tree. Watch sundews The plant-eating insects and the beautiful.
Houi Aor Reservoir This is a reservoir of Royal Irrigation Department Surrounding landscape is a beautiful pine forest.
Cultural Tourism See the lifestyle of  Karen to dress in tribe costume on the Buddhist Holy Day. Watch the weaving and musical instruments of Karen.
Offer sacrifices to a spirit Traditionally. It believed that is ask for forgiveness and bless the spirits for successful.
A votive offering ceremony Held to dispel the suffering of patients. welcome guests Ceremony from unique formula tea( Mix the salt into the water a little bit).
Visit Ray Ban Church that looks unusual. Located in the Wat Chan area. Phrathat That Chom Chaeng (Ancient relics) It is assumed that more than 300 years old and can overlooking the village as well.
Souvenir Karen Tribe’s handicrafts such as embroidery, weaving, basketry, etc. Vegetables and fruits in winter season.
Accommodation The center has four lodges. Campsite, shaded by pine trees. Rental and Leasing tents and sleeping bags. For information, call 053-318-325, 084-365-5465
Homestay 2 house Accommodation of the Forest Industry Organization Contact reservations, call 053-249349 or information, call 053-317-606, 086-181-3388.

Restaurant Inside center has no restaurant. The food items can be ordered in advance for groups. Visitors can cook by yourself  and can ordering raw vegetables and meats from the center. The Village area also has a restaurant.
Travel Route 1 from Chiang Mai city take the Chiang Mai to Mae Rim. Turn left at the Mae Rim District Next to Samoeng District Continuous line Samoeng - Wat Chan about 93 km. Distance from Chiang Mai city to center up to 154 kilometers. This route has bus service originating from Chiang Mai city at Warorot Market.
The second route from Chiang Mai city take the Chiang Mai - Mae Tang. Before the Mae Malai market - Pai district about 2-3 kilometers. Have bypass route along  Highway No. 1095 Or turn left into highway No. 1095 at Mae Malai to Pai as well.
Before to Pai district around 12 kilometers. There will be signs to Wat Chan turn left. Into the highway No. 1265 to the end and turn left again onto the streets No.1349.
There will be signs to the turn left. Into the highway 1265 to the end and turn left again onto the streets in 1349. Go straight until you see a pine forest center is on the right hand side. State Route better than the first route.

Tel : 053318325

Mobile : 0843655465

Research and Development Category: Research and Development

Royal Project Group: Royal Project

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