Pang Aung Royal Project

Pang Aung Royal Project

Pang Aung Royal Project

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Operating day: Daily
Operating time: 08.00 - 17.00
Pang Aung Royal Project Established on 10 Rai. The province of Chiang Mai is responsible for coordination and Promotion of crops to meet the needs of local people.
Find a new kind of plant for replace opium . Promote permanent farming Focus on fruit trees in winter, long-term crops. And develop fundamental social standards for better.
Population mostly are  Hmong and Karen, who founded the village residents for over 50 years, most of the terrain is mountainous. The plains in the valley Temperatures average 20 degrees Celsius.
Agro-tourism, visited farms potatoes, carrots, avocado. Visit to the demonstration of coffee Arabica, seedless grapes and vegetables such as tomatoes, cabbage, etc. lychee farm.
Cultural Tourism lifestyle Hmong. Hmong who live together in a house only about a hundred people. Traditional game of Hmong such as gyroscopes, wood, blown Canyon Hmong, throw the ball, hit gyroscopes, wheel, wood, etc.
Hmong New Year is held during the month of December to January. Karen New Year Held in February Rice ceremony of Karen. Held in August.
The Natural Attractions Doi Muen Ga Dou.  Nature Trail Scenic high from sea level to 1927 meters, is the route to watch thousands of roses, trees, birds, wild goats and Scenic sea of mist.
Watch the lotus fields at Doi Nae Au Kor, Yuam district away from the center, about 40 kilometers, the lotus will bloom during the month of November.
Pang Kea is a small waterfall with natural beauty. You can swim. Baby elephant twin of the third world and the second in Thailand.
Souvenirs avocado varieties and seedless grapes. Fresh seasonal vegetables from the farmers farmhouse. Handicrafts woven from hemp, such as bags, shirts, pants, etc., can be purchased at Pang Aung.
Accommodation - Food There are 3 houses. Tents Rental with tents and sleeping bags. No restaurant service The food items can be ordered in advance of arrival. Also in the village there are shops and restaurants are available.
Travel From the city, take Highway 108 lines Mai - Hod. Pass to Hang Don District-San Pa Tong-Jomthong-Mae Sareang-Mae La Noi District.
Until go to junction to Khun Yum District, turn right in to Highway 1263. The Center on the right hand at Pang Aung. You can use any type of vehicle (There is no taxi service bus).
Tel Tel: 053318326
Mobile Mobile: 0869223403
Pang Aung Royal Project Map Pang Aung Royal Project Map
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