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Wat Muen Sarn Hai Ya, Muang Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai. History of Wat Muen San has appeared since the reign of King Lokti Lokraj The 12th King of the Mengrai dynasty ruled Chiang Mai. When Chulachak 804-840 (1985-2021 BC) in the legend of Phra Sila said that in those days, Mahayana Bodhi was meditating in Wat Pa Daeng there. Phra Lokti Lokkarat ordered ten thousand Khampha Wiang Din to bring Sila Chao to Phra Maha Ya Na Bodhi in Wat Pa Daeng there. The Mahayana Bodhi Thera then make worship and anoint the Lord Sila with Sukhonthavaree, there are various.
At that moment, a huge downpour of rain poured down. At that time, there was a great authority named Ten thousand Wimonkitti books being that monk Then build a viharn in the temple of Muen Sarn and go to Arathana to bring Sila Chao from Wat Pa Daeng. Enshrined in the temple of Muen San in order to continue to prosper in Buddhism in the future Maha Swami himself was a bishop in the temple of Muen Sarn named Buddhayan Sangha, then went to Wat Suan Dok Mai and then went to pay homage to Silas.
Invited back to the temple of Muen Sarn as before. which shows that Wat Muen San has existed since the reign of King Lokti Lokkarat and is probably a temple It's important because the abbot is up to class. Maha Swami Bishop It also appears in the Ionian chronicles. The National Library's edition, page 401, line 10, said that the year 884 (B.E. 2065), Phra Chao Athitayawong Enjoy the throne in Bangkok, Ayutthaya to appoint an ambassador to succeed in the royal court of Chiang Mai Translate the royal message to Wat Muen San as follows:
Which at that time corresponded to the reign of Phra Muang Kaew 14th ruler of Chiang Mai of the Mengrai dynasty and in various temple legends (Thammakhom or short story history) inscribed in palm leaves with native characters which Phra Maha Muen Yanawut Wat Chedi Luang mentioned the name of the temple, the word Muen San, that A.D. 888 (2069 A.D.)
In the reign of Phra Mueang Ketklao King Nakornping, the 15th of the Mengrai Thani dynasty of the Lanna Thai region At that time, there was a Sena Amat named Wimonkitti. (Military officers of the rank of ten thousand) have established this monastery. with Pali said, which can be translated as this abbot of ten thousand wimonkitti the great civil servant (adult soldiers) in this city already set up.
For this ten thousand wimonkitti names appeared in many times, many kings together. When building a temple to enshrine that stone in the reign of King Lokti Lokraj and appeared in the stone inscription of Wat Ram Poeng (Tapotaram) when building Wat Ram Poeng It was the reign of King Yod Chiang Rai. And when the monastery of Wat Muen San was later in the reign of Phra Mueang Ketklao mentioned.
Your full name is Ten thousand books, Wimonkittisingla Rajamontri as a monk and about certifying the ambassador and translating the royal message He has been patronizing the Temple of Muen Sarn all the time. Therefore, this temple is called Wat Muen San.
Muen San Temple, a temple in Chiang Mai that is one of the important learning centers of Chiang Mai. There is an abbot who has the dharma as shown in the historical evidence mentioned in the beginning, so there are many palm leaf scriptures in this temple. which from a survey by the Institute of Social Research, Chiang Mai University In the decade of 1977, 163 palm leaf scriptures of Wat Muen San temple were found, 815 binding. However, from the era specified in the palm leaf, for example, Jor 1187, it was found that it is a document that is about 200 years old, the current abbot. Phrakhru Suthichittaphirat (Anek Suthong).

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