Maha Sarakham Museum

Maha Sarakham Museum

Maha Sarakham Museum

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Operating day: Daily
Operating time: 08.00 - 17.00
The Center publishes and distributes local products. Maha Sarakham Its operation in the year 2543 BE. In the days of Mrs.Sirilert  Embracing Excellence incumbent Governor Province. And Mr. Surajit, is  the mayor of Maha Sarakham.
Received funding from the Fund for distribution, manufacturing and employment to the region 8.434 million baht (buildings and structures) And the municipality has allocated budget for fiscal year 2546 to the design and exhibits within the park Nangkha Baht 2,000,000 with an area of about 40 acres with a pond Nangkha trees combined with the surrounding. Thao Mahachai  Monument is in front also he has one of the heroes.
The Museum grand opening on Sunday 20 August 2547, showcasing the city's Museum School emphasizes the narrative life of people in the municipality Maha Sarakham theme (Theme), which is a. identity of Maha Sarakham life municipality
Maha Sarakham District also plan activities. To the Museum School is learning that life is constantly moving.
For example - a joint event with the college for the museum as a learning resource for local education - new exhibitions and seasonal events - the development patterns in the exhibition, both in the field of media technology.
Exhibition to interact with the audience - the preparation Archive, Museum and historical documents, gather information and objects that can be searched story of the Maha Sarakham - the involvement of the community to improve the operation of the museum as a volunteer to watch the demonstration. Local broadcast - the distribution center, is a product of the community.
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