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National Parks in Chiang Mai Province

National Parks in Chiang Mai Province

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National Parks in Chiang Mai Province national park It is used for preservation purposes. It is often a natural land reserve. semi-natural land or land created under the announcement or in the possession of an independent state Although each country defines a national park differently. But they have a common idea, which is to preserve the forest nature for future generations. and to symbolize the pride of the nation Where to stay in Chiang Mai in a shady national park that you should not miss are:
Doi Inthanon National Park

1. Doi Inthanon National Park
Originally, Doi Inthanon Royal Project was named "Doi Luang" or "Doi Ang Ka". Doi Luang means a large mountain. The part called Doi Ang Ka. There is a story that 300 meters west of Doi Inthanon, there is a swamp that looks like a basin. In the past, there were many flocks of crows playing in the water, so it was called Ang Ka, later it was collectively called Doi Ang Ka.
Doi Inthanon is part of the Himalayas, which runs from Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar and ends here. What's interesting about this mountain is not only the highest peak in the country with a height of 2,565 meters above mean sea level. But the geography and diverse forest conditions Whether it's evergreen forests, pine forests, mixed forests, and cold weather all year round, especially in winter, fog covers most of the day and sometimes the dew turns into frost. here uninterrupted.
Pha Daeng National Park

2. Pha Daeng National Park It was formerly known as Chiang Dao National Park and changed to Pha Daeng National Park today. Covering an area of Chiang Dao District, Wiang Haeng District and Chai Prakan District, total area of 1,155 square kilometers Therefore, it is an important watershed source of the Ping River. 
Mae Ta Krai National Park

3. Mae Ta Krai National Park Royal Project Chiang Mai travel north cover the area in Chiang Mai Province and Lamphun Province It has a total area of ​​354.7 square kilometers. Complex mountainous terrain, 400-2030 meters above sea level. There are many types of forests such as deciduous dipterocarp forest, mixed deciduous forest, moist evergreen forest, dry evergreen forest, hill evergreen forest and pine forest, which is the watershed forest of Huai Mae Ta Krai, Huai Mae On, Huai Mae Tha and Huai Mae Kuang. which is a tributary of the Ping River The area is still rich with large and small wildlife. From different kinds of birds to barking deer, deer, gibbons and wild boars.
Huai Nam Dang National Park

4. Huai Nam Dang National Park located on Thanon Thongchai mountain range. There is an area covered in Mae Taeng District. Chiang Mai Province and Pai District, Mae Hong Son Province The total area is approximately 179.5 square kilometers or 112,187.5 rai. The terrain is mountainous and high-altitude complex. The highest mountain is Doi Chang, a forest upstream. There are many large and small creeks. Winter is cool, windy, with heavy rainfall in May-October. cool summer The maximum temperature is about 34 degrees Celsius.
Popular places to visit include:
- View point at Huai Nam Dang (Doi Kiew Lom), Kut Chang Subdistrict, Mae Taeng District, located in the area of the park office It is a very beautiful and famous viewpoint. overlooking Doi Chiang Dao You can watch the sunrise and see the sea of mist in the early morning. And in late winter the flowers are blooming very beautiful.
- The fog that is born here is Fog that occurs in the valley (Radiation Fog) due to the lower temperature in the valley at night. causing condensation to form water droplets and appear as a sea of mist in the morning or after the rain near the office will have Aung Ngoen Nature Study Route has a distance of 1,470 meters, moderate slope. It takes about 1 hour to walk.
Sri Lanna National Park

5. Sri Lanna National Park It is classified as a first-class watershed forest. It consists of wildlife and natural forests that are rich. It covers the area of ​​Mae Ngad Forest, Mae Taeng Forest and Chiang Dao Forest. In the area of ​​Phrao District, Mae Taeng District and Chiang Dao District, total area 652,000 rai, looks like evergreen forest. The terrain is complex high mountains stretching north and south. is the source of the watershed flows into the Ping River Other interesting places are Mae Ngat Somboon Chon Reservoir, Huai Mae Rang Waterfall, Huai Pa Phlu Waterfall, Pha Daeng Cave, Limestone Mountain, Mon Hin Lai Waterfall. and nature trails around Doi Mae Wa.

6. Khun Khan National Park It has a total area of ​​approximately 397 square kilometers. Covering the area of ​​Samoeng District and Mae Chaem District The terrain is a complex mountain range that is 500-1,708 meters above sea level. The highest peak is Doi Pung Kia, an area covered with deciduous dipterocarp forest, mixed deciduous forest, pine forest and hill evergreen forest. Interesting places include natural hot springs. Located at the park office The water temperature is about 38 degrees Celsius.
Doi Ang Khang National Park

7. Doi Ang Khang National Park
Located at Tambon Ang Khang, Fang District, only 5 kilometers from the Thai-Myanmar border. Traveling along Highway No. 107, Chiang Mai - Fang. Approximately 137 kilometers, there will be a junction on the left to Ban Yang at Mae Kha Market. Go further for about 25 kilometers into an paved road. tall and winding Must use a good condition and high power car, skilled driver, or you can find a minibus at Mae Kha market. Royal Agricultural Station Angkhang It is the first research station of the Royal Project.
Doi Pha Hom Pok National Park

8. Doi Pha Hom Pok National Park
The name was changed to Doi Fa Hom Pok National Park at present. It has a total area of about 524 square kilometers. The terrain is complex mountains of Phi Pan Nam mountain range. The height ranges from 400-2,285 meters above sea level. The important mountains are Doi Fa Hom Pok, Doi Pu Muen, Doi Laem and Doi Ang Khang. Most of the forests are still intact.
Obkhan National Park

9. Obkhan National Park
It has a total area of ​​approximately 484 square kilometers or 302,500 rai, covering various districts in Chiang Mai such as Samoeng, Hang Dong, Mae Wang and San Pa Tong. The topography is limestone and igneous mountains. It consists of various types of forests such as khao pine, pine, dry evergreen, mixed deciduous and deciduous dipterocarp. It is the source of Mae Wang River, Mae Win River and Mae Khan River. which will bloom in January
Interesting things in the park include:
Obkhan looks like Ob Luang It is a steep cliff, but is smaller than the height of about 30 meters, where the Mae Khan River flows through the middle. and looks dented into various shapes caused by the erosion of the current
Ob Luang National Park

10. Ob Luang National Park
It is a place to visit where nature creates beauty and fear in the same spot, that is, below is a river that winds through the gorge at Ob Luang. The gorge is characterized by very steep and narrow cliffs, squeezing the waterways, so the river here is very fast. The sound of water hitting the cliff is loud. Surrounding the northern waterfront area is beautiful with small and large trees. Shady all the time.
There is also a bridge connecting Khao Khad Pass for tourists to stand and admire the beauty of Ob Luang scenery. and within the park area Prehistoric archaeological sites have also been excavated, such as ancient human tombs. and white paintings at the elephant shelter And there are also hiking activities to study nature. Rafting on rubber boats or Kayaking in the Chaem River.
Doi Wiang Pha National Park

11. Doi Wiang Pha National Park
There are many waterfalls to visit. But most of the routes are not very convenient. because it is still in the process of developing the area The most accessible waterfall is Huay Sai Khao Waterfall which is in the same area as the location of the park office a small waterfall There is a basin for tourists to swim, but during the dry season the water is very little. There will be a lot of water during May, but the water will be cloudy. The water will be clear after the rain. The upper layer of the waterfall is a basin and contains sand because the water blows the sand out of the erosion of sandstone. The upper layer, the air around the waterfall is so humid that mosses are captured. Other attractions in the park include Mae Fang Luang Waterfall, Doi Wiang Pha Waterfall, Huai Han Waterfall and Doi Wiang Pha Viewpoint.

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