Wat Photharam (Wat Luangpho Phra Yai)

Wat Photharam (Wat Luangpho Phra Yai)

Wat Photharam (Wat Luangpho Phra Yai)

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Wat Photharam (Wat Luangpho Phra Yai) situated at Mu 5, Ban Tha Khrai, Tambon Bueng Kan, 5 kilometres from Amphoe Mueang Bueng Kan along Highway No. 212 (Bueng Kan - Nakhon Phanom), enshrines Luangpho Phra Yai, a Buddha image in a subduing Mara posture measuring 5 feet and 4 inches wide across the lap sitting on a rectangular platform that was restored in 1994.
The Bueng Kan people organise the celebration of Luangpho Phra Yai twice a year, which  are the third lunar month merit tradition, called Bun Khao Chi. There are traditions of offering Prasat Phueng (wax castle) and bathing Luangpho Phra Yai, which will be held in the week after the Songkran Festival.
People come to pay homage for their prosperity, career success, wealth, and safety. To worship, they will use flowers, joss sticks and candles and to ask for wishes, and they will use Bang Fai (traditional rockets), and Talai (another kind of firework). Only men are allowed to pray inside the ubosot while women have to pray at the front door of the ubosot.
Wat Photharam (Wat Luangpho Phra Yai) Map Wat Photharam (Wat Luangpho Phra Yai) Map
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