Wat Srikhomkham

Wat Srikhomkham

Wat Srikhomkham

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The Phayao’s symbol with Pra Chao Ton Luang represents the national treasure of Pra Chao Ton Luang with Phayao and refers to the speech “Do not worship Pra Chao Ton Luang in Phayao
seem not to arrive Phayao”. Pra Chao Ton Luang has been called as Pra Nung Din (Buddha standing on land) because of the character of Pra Chao Ton Luang which sit directly on land
without any stand similar to other Buddha’s character. In Visakha Bucha Festival, there is great mass day of Phayao’s villagers which called Pad Peng Festival. The activity in this festival is to worship Pra Chao Ton Luang.
The long history of Pra Chao Ton Luang of Wat Srikhomkham started from the Buddha who went to Lanna and lived near Nong Eang or Phayao Lake (Kwan Phayao) received only food
from a goldsmith without any drink or beverage, therefore,
Pra Arnon went to Nong Earg to fetch water for Buddha but was threatened by a serpent (powerful animal) lead the Buddha
went to Nong Eang by himself. Once a serpent saw the Buddha, it let Buddha to have water because of his characteristic and faith into Buddha. Then, serpent supported the gold to an old
couple who lived near Nong Nok Eang for building Buddha in 1491, era of Praya Muang Yee and continuously building in Praya Hua Kean, and Pra Muang Tu spend time totally 33 years
and finished in 1524. Pra Chao Ton Luang subjected as the largest bricked Buddha in the north with tall 18.5 meters, wide 14 meters, covered by gold. In that period, Phayao was a colony of Lanna and keep Pra Chao Ton Luang within the cover.
During Myanmar attacked Lanna Kingdom which led people lose both personal and public properties including their residents, caused to Wat Srikhomkham was not taken care for 56 years.
Then, it was renovated by kings who governed Phayao continually until the last king; Praya Prated Udornthid (Mahachai Sritisarn). Even though in the 5th reign of Thailand (King Rama V),
there is changing of administration system and Praya Prated Odornthid resigned from governing Phayao but he still take care this temple together with Mr, Klay Budsayabun, Phayao’s district officer.
Both of them have invited Kru Ba Srivichai, who renovated Wat Prathad Hari Punchai in Lamphun, to renovate Wat Srikhomkham spent renovate time for 1 year until March 1924. After finishing the renovation, he backed to Chiangmai to establish Wat Suan Dok.
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