The Silkworm Village of Ban Lung Pradu Samakki

The Silkworm Village of Ban Lung Pradu Samakki

The Silkworm Village of Ban Lung Pradu Samakki

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Operating day: Daily
Operating time: 08.30 - 16.30
The Silkworm Village of Ban Lung Pradu Samakki Lung Pradu, Huai Thalaeng, Nakhon Ratchasima. The villagers have gathered up to weave the cloth as the group,which is called "Klum Mai Thai Lung Pradu".
The products are shawls, Mudmee style clothing, checked pattern clothing and short silk clothes. The groups are divided according to each person’s skill since some are keen at making Mudmee style while some prefer to weave the cloth. Those who do not own a loom can borrow from the group or weave at the group place.
There are not many people who grow mulberries and do silkworms farm. There were lots of people doing these occupations in the past. The popularity was also up to the price of silkworm’s nest.
If the price is good, people will grow mulberry and do silkworm farm. However, there was an occasion when silkworm’s cost plunged down since some smuggled silkworm from China into Thailand. At this time, doing rice field, bamboo field, taro field and eucalyptus field can gain better price. 
Most of the weavers are 40-50 years old. The unique silk in this village is short silk cloth or Hangkrarok in Thai. They adapt normal Hangkrarok cloth with combination of pattern weaving with little space, wide space and middle space.
Also, natural cloth dying has been used for 6-7 years. However, some chemical color is still used in Mudmee style depending on the customer’s request. After dying the silk, they will boil with eucalyptus’s leaves to keep the color attached and not to be faded away. 
This silk weaving group is well-supported from many sectors. Since the factory silk string is quite expensive and the group has limited fund, many sectors provide fund to buy material and to be used as an allowance.
Requesting process for fund is changing each year towards different sectors which are Ban Naree Swad, Nikom Srang toneng, Phimai subdistrict, Lung Pradu district office. 30% of the income will be kept for management purpose.
In 2010, the group received support in developing the products from Huai Thalang district which considered and selected Lung Pradu Thai silk group to join KBO project.
The seminar was paid by Nakorn Ratchasima Province Community Development department. Mrs. Chusri Khariengrum and Mrs. Nangpradit Thongpor were the one who passed on the knowledge. The knowledge network was built for the networks in Nakorn Ratchasima province. 
For the seminar, Nakorn Ratchasima Rajabhat University was the one who provided the fund. echinuqes and steps of weaving Trailuk pattern on Hangkrarok silk cloth begins from placing the main strings with natural color dyed silk in orange, yellow, white, pink and grey like when weaving Kledtao style.
The Pung string used in weaving has two types. First one is using twisted pink silk with yellow so the strand will be narrow, middle and wide. Altogether it will use six shuttles.
The second one is the twisted pink with yellow and grey so the strand will be middle and wide. Altogether it will use two shuttles. Afterthat, weave the shuttles one by one by stranding narrowly, middle and widely on the main strings. Then, you will have Trailuk pattern on Hangkrarok cloth.
If the tourists would like to see the lifestyle of the community or villagers wearing beautiful silk clothing, it is recommended to join Ngan Bun (making merit festival) which is called Ngan Bun Dok Mai Dok Ngern.
The fesrival is held at Lung Pradu temple every November in each year. Villagers will bring silk from each house together and sell to give money to the temple. Other important making merit festivals are Songkran festival, Kathin festival, 
Wedding Ceremony and Ordination Ceremony For those who enter the village may see the signboard written The Silk Village Nakorn Chai Burin Ban Lung Pradu Nakorn Ratchasima "Nakorn Chai Burin" which is the collaboration of the four provinces in northeastern region.
They are Nakorn Ratchasima, Chaiyaphum, Burirum and Surin provinces. The objectives are to conserve and pass on cultural heritage which is the folk wisdom of making silk clothing.
The Silkworm Village of Ban Lung Pradu Samakki Map The Silkworm Village of Ban Lung Pradu Samakki Map
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