Sirindhorn Museum and Phu Kum Khao Dinosaur Excavation Site

Sirindhorn Museum and Phu Kum Khao Dinosaur Excavation Site

Sirindhorn Museum and Phu Kum Khao Dinosaur Excavation Site

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Operating day: Sunday - Tuesday
Operating time: 09.00 - 17.00
Sirindhorn Museum and Phu Kum Khao Dinosaur Excavation Site This archaeological museum is situated in the foothills of Phu Kum Khao Mountain in Sahatsakhan District, approximately 28 kilometres from Kalasin Town.
The Palaeozoic Era was two hundred million years ago, long before humans existed. Dinosaurs once lived in this area and we find their fossils underneath the sandstone bedding-plane.
Hence, the museum is a research centre as well as being the most complete and largest dinosaur museum in Southeat AsiaThe museum was named by Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn.
A two-storey building, its interior is filled with mysterious walkways guiding visitors to travel back in time to the Palaeozoic Era. Walking through the tunnels, visitors reach various exhibition halls about Geology, the beginnings of the Earth and how it was formed, as well as the evolution of living creatures such as dinosaurs and humans.
The museum’s outstanding exhibits include life-sized skeletons of the many significant dinosaur species discovered in this area, such as Phuwiangosaurus sirindhornae, Siamosaurus suteethorni and Siamotyrannus isanensis.
In addition, also displayed in the museum, is the actual archaeological dig-site where fossils of six dinosaurs were unearthed from the same bedding-plane.
The museum is open Tuesday-Sunday from 8:30-17:30. Admission is free until the official opening is announced. For further information, call 0 4387 1014, 0 4387 1613-4.
To get there, take Highway 227 (Kalasin - Sahatsakhan) for 28 kilometres. Two kilometres before Sahatsakhan, you will come to an intersection. Turn right and continue for another kilometre.
Sirindhorn Museum and Phu Kum Khao Dinosaur Excavation Site Map Sirindhorn Museum and Phu Kum Khao Dinosaur Excavation Site Map
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