Sa Saksit (Sacred Pond)

Sa Saksit (Sacred Pond)

Sa Saksit (Sacred Pond)

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Sa Saksit (Sacred Pond) The six ponds here are considered as sacred ponds whose water has been used for royal ceremonies. The Fine Arts Department has registered them all as historical sites, but none has been renovated.
The ponds are in Tambon Sa Kaeo, between kilometre markers 7-8 of Highway 322, opposite the Tha Sadet Bird Sanctuary, and 13 kilometres from downtown. King Rama V visited these sacred ponds, hence the village nearby was renamed as Ban Tha Sadet, or "Royal Visit Village".
There were initially four sacred ponds including Sa Kaeo, Sa Kha, Sa Yommana, and Sa Ket. Two more ponds were found later including Sa Amarit 1 and Sa Amarit 2. King Rama V noted that it is unclear how these ponds become sacred, probably by influence of an important guru there.
Nobody uses water from these ponds, nor eats fishes there. Grass covers around and made them habitats for crocodiles. Water from Sa Kha and Sa Yommana is rather brown and murky, but that from Sa Ket and Sa Kaeo is clean and clear.
Sa Saksit (Sacred Pond) Map Sa Saksit (Sacred Pond) Map
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