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Tham Chao Ram Wildlife Sanctuary

Tham Chao Ram Wildlife Sanctuary

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Opening days: Daily
Opening hours: 06.00 - 18.00
Tham Chao Ram Wildlife Sanctuary Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives has defined the area around Mae Phan Lam - Mae Mok forest in Klang Dong Subdistrict Thung Saliam District and Na Khun Krai Sub-district Si Samrong District Sukhothai To be a non-hunting area of ​​Tham Chao Ram, covering an area of ​​15,875 rai or approximately 24.5 square kilometers. by published in the Government Gazette, Volume 107, Part 15, dated January 23, 1990.
The Royal Forest Department has sent officials to establish an office in 1992, but because there are still many nearby forest areas that are in perfect condition and are also the source of many important watersheds of the Yom River Basin, suitable for designated as a wildlife sanctuary.
The Royal Forest Department has therefore issued an order No. 331/2538 dated February 20, 1995, directing the authorities to control the Mae Phan Lam-Mae Mok National Reserved Forest, Mae Tha Phae Forest in Thung Saliam Subdistrict, Klang Dong Subdistrict, Amphoe Klang Dong. Thung Saliam, Na Khun Krai Subdistrict, Si Samrong District Tambon Wang Nam Khao, Tambon Taling Chan, Amphoe Ban Dan Lan Hoi Sukhothai.
And Mae Mok National Reserved Forest, Wiang Mok Sub-district, Thoen District, Lampang Province, to be designated as a sanctuary for Tham Chao Ram wildlife. Sukhothai and Lampang Province It has an area of ​​approximately 211,250 rai or 338 square kilometers.
Tham Chao Ram is a large cave. ecologically important That is, there are many insect-eating bats. Established a non-hunting area Announced in the Government Gazette on January 23, 1990, with an area of ​​approximately 11,250 rai, there are important plants such as maca mong, tabaek, takhian, phayom, sak pradu, etc. 

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