Tum Phet Tum Thong National Park

Tum Phet Tum Thong National Park

Tum Phet Tum Thong National Park

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Tum Phet Tum Thong National Park, is in Takhli district. The cave is limestone Mountain. Inside the mountain, there are around one hundred caves such as Emerald Cave, Naga Cave, Pearl Cave and etc. Some caves are stalactite with different shape. Some caves are very beautiful and colorful.
There are interesting caves: Dao Wa Dung Cave is the northern  cave. There is a big hall inside the cave. Pra kray phet Cave is the western cave .There are five walk inside around stalactite with dolphin shape and the great wall of China.
Pra dub phet Cave is the southern cave . There are four halls inside the cave and the light brown stalactite here look like diamond.
Tum Phet Tum Thong National Park Map Tum Phet Tum Thong National Park Map
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