Mae Pun Luang Royal Project Development Center

Mae Pun Luang Royal Project Development Center

Mae Pun Luang Royal Project Development Center

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Operating day: Daily
Operating time: 08.00 - 17.00
Mae Pun Luang Royal Project Development Center Wiang, Wiang Pa Pao, Chiang Rai. With mountainous terrain, lush greenery, abundant forest and resources, but destroyed by ignorance to transform into an opium farm with an area of 1,400 rai.
People has a lot of income from opium cultivation. But every household still has problems in life, living, deteriorated health, children and disadvantaged youth in education, 1980 Royal Project Foundation.
Therefore set up the Mae Pun Luang Royal Project Development Center Originally located at Ban Mae Poon Luang, Wiang Subdistrict, Wiang Pa Pao District, Chiang Rai Province due to inconvenient transportation Therefore moved to Ban Khun Chae, Mae Wan Subdistrict, Phrao District, Chiang Mai Province in 1984.
Up until now The area of responsibility is approximately 26.68 square kilometers and is in the process of requesting an extension of 45.20 square kilometers. Which is 1000-1400 meters above sea level.
Agricultural Tourism:
- Watch fruit demonstration plots Within the area of three sub-units such as peach plum.
- Watching and tasting tea in the farmer's garden, namely Yuan Yuan Chu, Oolong, Tea No. 12 and Shaphan Three Seasons.
- Watch the agricultural plot of the villagers Sailor Parsley Pueblo Plot that provides year-round yield.
- Watch the beauty of the sathi Cassier (Statice Caspears) that bloom throughout the year.
Natural Attractions:
- Unique view of the sea, mist and sunrise-sunset among the Dong Doi within the center And the view point of Khun Jae House on a nice day Will see the sparkling diamonds from beautiful nature.
- Travel in Khun Chae - Mae Poon Luang - Huai Sai route (rainy season - off road).
- Experience the beautiful mountains, green forest, enjoy the waterfall in the middle of the forest.
Cultural Attractions:
- New Year's ceremony (Kinwu) of the Lisu tribe Held around February
- New Lisu Rice Ceremony Held around August.
- Watch the way of his life, 3 tribes (Lisu, Musa, Akha).
Accommodation and Facilities:
- 1 guesthouse within the center, can guarantee about 20 people.
- The tent is available for rent with 4 people and 1 sleeping bag.
- There is no service in the center, but there will be a shop for villagers in that area.
- Vegetables, fruit trees, cold cities.
- Muser embroidery crafts.
- Embroidery of Lisaw tribe.
- Oolong tea leaves.
Travel: Can travel 2 routes.
- Route 1 from Chiang Mai City, Highway No. 1001, Chiang Mai-Phrao Line Distance of about 108 Kilometers into Phrao District, passing through Wiang Pa Pao District as a paved road, straight towards Ban Khun Chae, a distance of 22 kilometers.
- Route 2 from Chiang Mai City, Highway No. 118, Chiang Mai - Chiang Rai to Km 52, Wiang Pa Pao District Turn left onto Highway No. 1150, approximately 33 kilometers.
Note: Can use all types of cars Or use the car hire service at the Chang Puak Bus Terminal.
Tel Tel: 053263816
Royal Project Group: Royal Project
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