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Pum Cave Pla Cave

Pum Cave Pla Cave

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Pum Cave Pla Cave Pong Ngam, Mae Suai, Chiang Rai. 
- Pla Cave Characterized by a small stream flowing from under a limestone mountain. Flows through many mountain paths, flowing out in front of the cave entrance to the east, these streams originate from Huai Nei Waterfall.
This cave is about 2.50 meters in width, measured from the water side up to about 1.50 meters high and 0.50 meters deep, which is very interested in tourists. Since it is the location of the original fish.
As well as fish that tourists release, including catfish, carp, eel, tilapia fish, turtles, silver fish, goldfish, etc., but due to not receiving proper care. In addition, tourists feed a large amount of fish. Currently, there are dark water.
Fish Cave has fish that have special characteristics. Which is related to the legend called "Fish trunks toasting", which has not been seen for a long time In the past, this cave tourists can walk into the cave about 10 meters deep and often found fragments of clay tiles.
In ancient times it flowed down to the water. In addition, in the estuary, there were 3 large stones and streams that flowed out to a depth of about 3 meters. Can swim Clearly visible.
Especially in the early morning, monks, novices and temple children often give Pu Ja rice. (The rest of the rice from my request) was a meal. Later, in the year 2526, the monks who remembered the name of Phra Sam, who had blinded the two sides, had renovated and restored the temple by dredging and expanding the cave's mouth. The stone is the entrance to the cave, the area that continues with the flue of the sky, which is on the south side.
- Plev Pong Fa Cave is a cave next to Fish Cave to the south. This cave is located on a hilltop with a cave that penetrates into the sky. The sun can shine through the cave floor. Going up to see this cave, tourists will have to walk the stairs which measure the distance from the first staircase up to the cave about 180 meters.
At a distance of approximately 90 meters on the left hand side Visitors can walk up the stairs to see the viewpoint. Which is about 17 meters high, this area can see beautiful scenery nearby such as the stalls of Wat Tham Pla Witthayakhom School Ban Huai Pu Kaeng Santisuk Cave House, etc.
When walking down from the viewpoint Will be a smooth path Distance of about 11 meters will reach the mouth of the cave at the beginning. Which has the widest range, measuring about 4.40 meters, the narrowest range, measuring about 2.50 meters, the height of the cave at this time is about 1.90 meters, the cave has been renovated, decorated with cave floor Marble Buddha statue wide, 2 meters wide, 2.50 meters high, enshrined.
Inside the cave, measuring about 21 meters in width, about 32.20 meters deep. The top is a channel (chimney) penetrating the sky. The sun can pass through up to 2 channels. The first channel is the widest in the east. The width is about 8 meters. M. Channel 2 is in the west Can measure a width of about 3 meters and a height of about 20 meters. For this reason, this cave The villagers therefore call "Plev Pong Fa Cave".
- Kong Cave is a cave that uses a walkway to go up with Tham Pha Flue Fah, which is at a distance of about 65.40 meters. On the left hand side of the way up, tourists can traverse the rocks to the south. The distance of about 30 meters will be found at Kong (Gong) cave, which has a deep cavity appearance. The way down must climb the rocks to the cave floor.
Measuring the width of the cave about 4.40 meters high and about 2.10 meters after this area, traverses the rocks to the east. Will find a pond that villagers call "Bo Thip", which is about 35 meters away from the intersection area.
After that it will be a hole to penetrate into the cliff that Steep views of the Ban Tham School And nearby beautifully When there is noise in this water The sound will rumbling through the hole in this side. The villagers therefore call this cave "Kong Cave".
- Noi Cave is a cave that is far from The point of ascending the cave to the sky crater about 100 meters to the south looks like a small hole. There are 2 streams flowing through. Point 1 The size of the cave is about 5 meters wide. The area where the stream flows out of the cave mouth.
Measuring about 0.50 meters in diameter, point 2 is about 20 meters from the first point. This area is larger than the first. Measure the width of about 2.40 meters, height of about 3 meters. The stream flowing from the cave With a diameter of approximately 0.60 meters.
This area has a distinctive feature is the front of the vine of Saba Yai (Maba Yai), which used to have long-tailed lemurs for use as habitat and climbing.
- Neab Cave This cave is far from Little cave, point 2, about 30 meters, is in the responsibility area of Moo 3, cave-fish house and in the area of the stone pillars. Resembling a cliff protruding Measure the width of the cave by about 8 meters, about 3 meters high, about 5 meters deep. Most are used as shelter and recreation.
- Wok Cave is next to the Ngu Cave to the south, next to the Sao Hin Cave Reservoir. A cave on a high hill The path is quite steep. The slope is about 45 degrees with the distance from the reservoir ridge. Reach the cave area about 50 meters long.
When tourists reach here, you will be able to see the beautiful scenery of the reservoir, fish, birds, nearby villages and the vast fields of Pong Ngam Subdistrict.
- The Naga Stone Cave is the cave at the end of this tourist attraction Under the responsibility of Village No. 3, Ban Tham Pla. Traveling to this cave can go Both water and land By walking along the edge of the reservoir to the south of the cave, measuring about 4.70 meters in width and about 2.40 meters in height.
There is a stacked bar like a villager, so people call this cave a stone pillar cave, which has 3 layers, which are level 1, about 20 meters deep from the mouth of the cave. (Crater) diameter of about 1.50 meters.
Able to pass through, making the view inside this cave very spectacular. The 2nd floor is a steep cliff, must climb up the stairs about 10 meters long, is a beautiful stone bar and clearer than the first floor. On the east side, there is a path that can pass through the exit of one cave which is about 4 meters wide.
Can climb up to about 15 meters in rock formations as a high rock From then, the gorge is about 40 meters deep and the steep ascending and descending direction is around 80 degrees. Travel during this period should use the help equipment to be safe. This cave is perfect for tourists who like to adventure and challenge to prove it very much.
- Ku Kaew Cave is the largest and deepest cave in this area. The entrance to the cave is a 29-storey staircase measuring the width of the cave about 4.60 meters, height of 2.16 meters, about 509 meters deep. Inside the cave is a winding pathway, some of which are some large cavity, a narrow pathway must crawl between Walkway will find stalagmites. Beautiful stalactites Dazzled with water dripping throughout the walkway.
Inside the cave is moist and slippery. Around the middle of the cave will find a hole in the hole 2 deep holes, which tourists should be very careful while visiting. In addition, the newly formed stalagmites of the villagers are called "Nom Sao" and have small ponds. Within the cave periodically at the deepest point Will find the royal room, which Phra Kruba has drenched in, when the time he once performed the meditation is beautifully arranged.
- Tu Pu Cave is next to Ku Kaew Cave, about 500 meters north, which is located in the school area of Wat Tham Pla Witthayakhom, which has 2 points, which is point 1, a cave about 4.5 meters wide and about 2 meters high. Depth of about 4.80 meters.
This cave had been restored to a hermitage of monks who hike and lent before the point 2 is a cave that passes through the mountains in the east to the west. The cave face in the east is enshrined with a Buddha statue. The cave size is 4.40 meters wide and 2.60 meters high.
Inside the cave is a small and narrow path, some steep It consists of beautiful sparkling stalagmites and stalagmites along the path. Upon passing through the cave in the west, there will be a pathway to a beautiful and healthy garden, which the community uses to exercise in the morning and evening every day.
- Pum Cave This cave is located in Ban Dong District, Moo 2, Pong Ngam Subdistrict, Mae Sai District, Chiang Rai Province. It is a cave that has an annual tradition of making merit on the 9th lunar month of the 6th month of every year. Pum Cave - Pla Cave.
It is a cave that is located on a cliff about 30 meters above the ground. The stairs are 73 steps up to 132 meters deep. This cave has a distinctive feature above the path before entering the cave. The statue of the lion is about 200 years old, standing prominent, facing north, about 16 meters high.
In addition, the cave also has button stalagmites. (His Majesty the King of Thailand) is clearly pronounced. The villagers therefore call this cave the cave button inside. There is a Buddha image enshrined for tourists to worship in the cave. When walking into the distance of 60 meters, there will be a walkway on the right hand side. The cliff is about 3.80 meters high, approximately 1.50 meters wide, with stalactites attached to the cliffs, like a very beautiful waterfall.
When walking in a distance of approximately 88 meters, there will be a separate path on the right, able to penetrate the original path on the other side in a semi-circular manner. On the way there will be a pond called the villagers. "Tip nectar" has a diameter of about 10 meters. After that, at a distance of about 110 meters.
Will find streaky stalactite streaks in contact with the cave wall, a long, continuous white, like a beautiful waterfall, and at the end of the cave there is a Buddha statue, a meditation posture, 32 inches wide and 46 inches wide, standing prominent to Buddhists Worship.
Travel: Private car From Mae Chan District, head towards Mae Sai District along Highway No. 10, with a left-hand junction at the main km. 877-878, the entrance is Ban Tham Market. There are clearly signs to the Tham Pla Temple. Distance 1.5 km. Passing Ban Pong Ngam.
Wat Tham Pla is at the end of the road. Pla cave is on the left hand side. About 100 meters away from the parking lot. Next to the Pla cave, about 50 meters, clearly visible The other caves are in the same area as the Pla cave temple.

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