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Chiang Mai Festival North Tradition

Chiang Mai Festival North Tradition

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Chiang Mai Festival North Tradition Chiang Mai is both a Lanna civilization garage. and the city of Buddhism Therefore, it can be called one of the most flourishing in Siam. The way of life of Chiang Mai people from ancient times to the present has been shaped into both traditional beliefs about ancestral spirits, Muang butterflies and Buddhist philosophy together until becoming a local identity. reflected in the tradition and various festivals held annually to make famous and attract tourists to visit Chiang Mai uninterruptedly It can be said that traveling to Chiang Mai once is never enough because Chiang Mai can visit all year round.

Yi Peng Chiang Mai Festival 

Yi Peng Chiang Mai Festival
 northern tradition Chiang Mai Festival The most spectacular festival in Thailand to release lanterns into the sky which is held during the Loy Krathong Festival in November You must not miss the atmosphere of releasing thousands of Yi Peng lanterns into the beautiful sky. along with watching the Yi Peng lantern parade Krathong Parade, Fireworks, Krathong Contest Or will you join in cheering on the Noppamas contest? and the contest of the goddess and the goddess Yi Peng, Chiang Mai including watching cultural performances in the north.

 Wood carving house offering

Wood carving house offering
 Northern tradition Held around January at Tawai Village, Hang Dong District, Chiang Mai Province There was a demonstration of wood carving at the event. and selling local handicrafts of Chiang Mai.

 Royal Park Rajapruek Park Festival

Royal Park Rajapruek Park Festival
Chiang Mai Festival The northern tradition started from being famous for hosting the World Horticultural Exposition in honor of His Majesty the King. Garden Festival or Flora Festival, which takes place from December to February. There will be a beautiful garden in various forms, decorated with ornamental plants. and flowers in the winter, Nanapan from more than 20 royal projects, and the most famous is the Orchid Park. and the flower tunnel, which is a popular photo spot for most tourists.

Chiang Mai Winter Fair and the Chiang Mai Red Cross Fair 

Chiang Mai Winter Fair and the Chiang Mai Red Cross FairNorthern traditions are held from late December to early January. It is another job that is indispensable here. because it is a local product fair and fairs that gather both delicious local food souvenirs and Chiang Mai's OTOP products come to compete heavily The highlight of the event is the Miss Chiang Mai contest. Including concerts from many famous artists who come to celebrate the end of the old year and welcome the new year at the event.

Bo Sang Chiang Mai Umbrella Festival and San Kamphaeng handicrafts 

Bo Sang Chiang Mai Umbrella Festival and San Kamphaeng handicrafts 
It will be held in January shortly after the end of the Chiang Mai Winter Fair. It is an event in the form of a walking street with fairs. and decorated with colorful traditional umbrellas from the entrance of the village to the end of the village, more than a kilometer long There is also an umbrella parade. Bo Sang's Daughter Contest and folk culture performances.

 Chinese New Year, Chinatown, Chiang Mai

Chinese New Year, Chinatown, Chiang Mai 
The Chiang Mai Festival is held during the Chinese New Year celebrations around the end of January or the beginning of February. Another event that is the pride of Thai people of Chinese descent in Chiang Mai province. There are stalls and Chinese lantern decorations. There is a Chinese cultural show. There is a contest of tee-muay pretty good. There is a Miss Chiang Mai Chinatown contest. And don't forget to taste the Chinese food that many famous Chinese restaurants in Chiang Mai have prepared for you to taste.

Inthakhin Tradition

Inthakhin Tradition northern tradition Tradition to enter Inthakhin It will be a tradition that the people of Chiang Mai practice. and inherited for a long time From May to early June, which falls on the waning day of the 13th waxing moon of the 8th lunar month, which is called Inthakhin's day. In the meantime, the people of Chiang Mai will join together to worship Inthakhin, which is the city pillar. which is at Wat Chedi Luang Chiang Mai city center The worship of the Inthakhin Pillar was performed in order to bring peace and happiness in the country.
North Songkran

North Songkran Chiang Mai Festival Chiang Mai Province has people from all over the world, both Thais and foreigners. The nation goes to the Songkran festival as one of the country's top and most importantly, there are still a lot of good looking young people who come to visit here, so they are happy and comfortable according to the rules. In addition to playing Songkran water In addition, here there are many other important activities that are interesting. Whether it is a parade and bathing the Buddha image Riding a bicycle in the middle of the stare folk art demonstration folk show watering the elders sand in the temple Songkran water play new year city around the moat Street culture, urban people, international food, etc.
Tradition of crutches parade

Tradition of crutches parade
 northern tradition which is held in April on the 15th day of every year in the downtown area of ​​Chom Thong There are more than 40 parades from the community, shopping malls, groups of various groups, marching along Muang Chom Thong, Chom Thong District, to Wat Phra That Si Chom Thong Worawihan. It is a tradition that has been passed down for more than 200 years. Chom Thong District and is considered the first of Thailand and the only one in the world Tradition of crutches parade It became the prototype of the Lanna crutches parade. until it became popular throughout the North And it was a tradition that became famous.  and has been very popular.
Flower Festival

Flower Festival Chiang Mai Festival Chiang Mai Province There is a beautiful land of Thailand It is fresh and natural. There is a forest of Lam Na Phrai There are various types of flowers, waterfalls, upstream and streams of important rivers. and natural beauty In order to conserve the unique natural beauty of Chiang Mai, the people of Chiang Mai have joined together to plant plants in various places to create Chiang Mai as a "The city of flowers blooming all year round to promote tourism and another important occupational promotion for farmers Therefore, it was determined that the event was held. "Flower Festival This is another important tradition in Chiang Mai. It is a continually organized and inherited every year. The event will be held in early February at Nong Buak Hard Public Park, Muang District, Chiang Mai Province. In the event, there will be a beauty pageant and a flower parade. agricultural exhibition gardening contest Various types of flower and ornamental plants contest and fairs of the farmer's housewives group.
Khantoke raising tradition

Khantoke raising tradition
 traditions of the north It is a tradition of feasting with many people. It is the culture and traditions of the northern people that have been passed down until now, especially in Chiang Mai and Lamphun. Khantoke food consists of steamed rice or sticky rice, kaeng om, kaeng hung lei, sausages, pork loin, nam phrik ong, larb, various vegetables, as well as desserts. which these foods are scooped into small cups Put it in the khantoke until it's complete. Then cover it with a hood until the Khantoke procession is finished.
Poi Luang Festival

Poi Luang Festival
The northern tradition is a merit-making event to celebrate various religious treasures for the benefit of oneself and family. Considered to have a very strong merit. It is also a symbol of the unity of the Sangha and the villagers as it is a big event. Making merit for Poi Luang that is popularly done is to make merit to dedicate the merit to parents, grandparents or relatives who have passed away. to April or May of every year), the duration is about 3-7 days.
Wor Tradition

Wor Tradition
 northern tradition New Year's traditions of the Lahu people Which will be in January of every year, which is a tradition of eating rice, there will be a dessert that is white, and 4 pine trees are planted in the middle of the courtyard of the village to be 4 squares and weave the grid using wood. Weave and bring it to the middle between the 4 pine trees and bring food that the villagers consider to be sacrificed food to the grill, which is pig's head, rice porridge, various food and flowers. with other nearby villages because in order for other villages to come together, which will revolve, each village begins at the same time and ends at the same time. In the middle of the day, the elders in the village are watered.
Loi Phra Upakut Tradition

Loi Phra Upakut Tradition
 northern tradition Traditions of Thai Yai people in Mae Ai District Held on the 15th day of the waxing moon of the 10th lunar month of every year according to the beliefs of Lanna and Thai Yai people, it is believed that Phra Upakut resides under the river. or sea navel The floating worship will start from the 14th waxing moon and the 15th lunar day. The procession of Phra Upakut will start from Wat Mae Ai Luang, Mae Ai District, Chiang Mai Province, and then float in the river. Kok at Ban Thaton Pier, Moo 3, Thaton Subdistrict, Mae Ai District, Chiang Mai Province.
Swing Ceremony

Swing Ceremony or New Year's festival swinging swings of the Akha people (I-Khor) Northern tradition Held on August 1, 2014 - September 30, 2014 to commemorate the grace of the goddess. "Um Saye" who gives abundant moisture to crops and to celebrate the fertile crops waiting to be harvested Remembrance and honor women Ancestor offering ceremony, feasting, dancing, which each community does not match. Due to the determination of the date of the ceremonies, one must look at the appropriateness of the date of commencement of the ceremony. But it must be a good day and be compatible with the leaders of that community.

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