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Tha Thong Historical Museum (Wat Khao Phra Nim)

Tha Thong Historical Museum (Wat Khao Phra Nim)

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Opening days: Daily
Opening hours: 08.00 - 17.00 
Tha Thong Historical Museum (Wat Khao Phra Nim) Tha Thong is an ancient ancient city with evidence of being a community before history. It is the residence of the indigenous people of the Semang and Malay tribes who built their settlements. in the Luang River Basin and along the seashore around Bandon Bay Tha Thong has a contemporary civilization with Chaiya, Wiang Sa, Tha Khanon (Kirirat) and Phunphin An, the ancestor of the people of Surat Thani.
Communities in the Tha Thong Basin have received the Srivijaya arts and culture. From Chaiya town which is on the opposite bay to develop their locality by creating the first important Buddhist site at Khao Phra Nim Cave, Tha Thong Basin residents sacrificed their strength to build a Buddha image as the principal Buddha image, covered with gold throughout. Therefore, the body is called Phra Thong and this mountain is called Khao Phra Thong, Tham Phra Thong.
Later, there was a road from Phutthasthan Khao Phra Thong to the canal coastal pier to allow boat travelers to moore and travel to the Buddhasthan more conveniently. Therefore, the pier on this road was called Khao Phra Thong Pier and called the house in this area. Ban Tha Khao Phra Thong was later called Ban Tha Phra Thong and shortened to Ban Tha Thong.
Khao Phra Thong Buddhist site is an incentive for people in Tha Thong Basin and nearby areas to come to worship Phra Thong on a regular basis, making it very prosperous. Around 1340, Krungsri Wichai raised Ban Tha Thong to be a governing city in the Tha Thong Basin and nearby area Directly to Krungsri Wichai at Chaiya, when the capital of Srivichai moved to Nakhon Si Thammarat, Tha Thong was directly up to Nakhon Si Thammarat since then. Another antiquities found in the Tha Thong Basin is The raw clay prints found at Tham Khao Leek at Thung Khen all indicate that the Tha Thong Basin is a community that has been prospering with urban arts and culture since Srivichai Muang Tha Thong was established at Khao Phra Thong about 200 years ago.
Mr. Songwut Noppakhun, Provincial Administrative Council, Kanchanadit District Has foreseen the importance of the history and ancient artifacts of this golden port city. Therefore, he proposed this project to Mr. Thani Thaugsuban, President of the Surat Thani Provincial Administrative Organization, when he agreed and supported the project. It also received support for the operation of the Tha Thong Historical Museum from the National Telecommunications Commission. with the concept of operating as a learning center that uses telecommunications and technology to make the museum look like "A learning source for the history and identity of the community, characteristics of a living museum" with the objective of
1. It is a collection of Tha Thong stories. and historical stories of nearby communities
2. It is a source of support for the preservation of local antiques and appliances that are lost.
3. To be a community learning center that supports lifelong education for people in the community.
4. As a service source and training in information technology and telecommunications.
5. It is a learning center about arts and culture, customs and local wisdom of the community.
There is also a project to continue by setting up an expansion project to conserve coastal resources by constructing riverside walkways and multipurpose pavilion. (Boat) at the back of the building for tourists to take a boat to explore the atmosphere on both sides of the canal of Tha Thong, as well as take a tour of the famous aquatic species of Kanchanadit District, as well as to improve the museum area. The history of Tha Thong to be a tourist attraction and a collection of local products as well as a new old ancient site in Kanchanadit District in the future.
Traveling from Surat Thani city Take Route 401 to Kanchanadit District, turn left through Kanchanadit Market, about 2.5 km, turn right onto the road. 4177 Approximately 8 km. when crossing the bridge over the Tha Thong Canal. Turn right into Wat Phra Nim. You will arrive at Tha Thong Historical Museum. 

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