Phra That Si Surat

Phra That Si Surat

Phra That Si Surat

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Phra That Si Surat It is the first sanctuary of the people of Ban Don. or residents of Mueang Surat Thani District initiated by the Don people's sector Subsequently, it received support from all sectors until its success in 1957.
It is a tall and slender relic like a candle. The top contains 2 Buddha's relics and 16 relics of the Buddha's disciples, His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. and Her Majesty the Queen came to pay homage to the relics and planted a sapling in front of the relics on March 27, 1959 and received Phra That Si Surat under the royal patronage Phra That Si Surat is therefore called Phra That Si Surat under the Royal Patronage.
In 1976, it was found that the relics had cracks at the base. A major renovation had to be done by completely rebuilding. It was designed by Ajarn Chit (Prakit) Buabut. It is a chedi in the shape of a candle in a square shape. The lowest base is a circular courtyard surrounding the relics. From the bottom of the base there are stairs leading up to the upper base of the high floor, in four directions, with space for planting ornamental plants between the stairwells. Surrounded by arches in 8 directions, higher up with a lotus at the top of the arch.
After the lotus, it was made into a smaller octagonal candle shape. and has one intermediate level lotus and he created a hexagonal shape from the lotus to the top. which includes lotus After the lotus, there is a top made of flames. There is a tiered lotus topped with a tiered trident with a height of 30.40 meters. The auspicious day of May 7, 1976 was the beginning of the demolition of the old chedi. And it was completed in 1979 as a majestic chedi resides at the top of Mount Tha Phet once more.
Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn His Majesty the King came to perform the ceremony of filling the Buddha's relics and the disciples' relics In addition, His Highness also planted the Surat Thani provincial tree as a memorial on September 10, 1984 at 2:00 p.m., considered a historic place. auspiciousness and invaluable for the people of Surat Thani
To get there, take the Surat Thani-Ban Nasan route. 6 kilometers from the city. From the main road, there is a junction on the left hand side for another 1.5 kilometers. 
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