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Than Sadet Waterfall National Park

Than Sadet Waterfall National Park

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Opening days: Daily
Opening hours: 06.00 - 18.00
Than Sadet Waterfall National Park Formerly known as Namtok Phaeng Forest Park, it covers an area of ​​41,251 rai, including the Koh Phangan National Forest Reserve. and forest areas outside the national forest reserve including the islands Around Koh Phangan, the park still maintains the state of the forest intact. There are many different types of plants. And there are orchids that have the largest trunk in the world, such as Phet Huang or Wan Hang Chang. by a trunk that is more than three meters tall.
When flowering, the peduncle is more than two meters long. The flowers are large, about 11 cm., the petals are green to golden yellow. and there were reddish-brown spots scattered all around. The abundance of the forest has resulted in many wild animals living such as wild deer, wild boar, southern spectacled langur and civet, as well as various birds. 627 meters high, is an important watershed of Koh Phangan. The weather is cool all year round.
To get there, rent a car from Thong Sala Beach, which is 5 kilometers from the national park.
Phaeng Waterfall is the location of the National Park office. It is a beautiful multi-tiered waterfall, such as Phaeng Noi, Than Nam Rak, and Than Kluay Mai, one of the small streams of Namtok Phaeng (Phaeng, local dialect meaning small cascading stone sheds representing the moisture of the forest) that contain water. Flowing throughout the year that represents the integrity of the forest and has a nature trail
Phaeng Waterfall - Dome Sila Viewpoint, a distance of 2.5 kilometers, takes 1 hour to walk along the waterfall. slightly steep Along the way you will find various plants, streams and waterfalls. that remains natural including orchids Orchids that are the symbol of the park as well.
Dome Sila Viewpoint Located 511 meters from the office of the national park, it is a viewpoint and watch the beautiful sunset.
Than Sadet Waterfall in Ban Tai Subdistrict It is a waterfall that King Rama V used to visit and was given the name. It is also a very favorite waterfall. by having visited 14 times throughout the reign. In addition, the reign of King Rama 6, King Rama 7, along with his wife and King Rama IX used to visit and has inscribed a monogram on every stone around the waterfall Getting to Than Sadet Waterfall
Can go both by boat and by car. If traveling by boat When entering Than Sadet Bay, you will find the beauty of strangely shaped rocky mountains. and white sand beach When getting out of the boat and walking a short distance, you will find a stream with water flowing through it, colliding with many rapids. making noise according to the speed of the current During October - January
Can't take a boat to the waterfall And if it is a car, it must be a high-performance car to be able to travel. But if it's rainy season, the journey will be very difficult. because the way through it will be a steep slope and a high mountain Traveling must be especially careful.
The national park has 1 service house and 5 tents, or tourists can bring their own tents.
For more information contact Than Sadet Waterfall National Park - Koh Phangan, P.O. Box 1, Koh Phangan District Surat Thani Province 84281 or 118 Moo 3, Tambon Koh Phangan Koh Phangan Surat Thani 84281 Tel. 077-238275 .

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