Tham Phet Pho Thong

Tham Phet Pho Thong

Tham Phet Pho Thong

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Operating day: Daily
Operating time: 08.30 - 16.30
Situated at Ban Khao Lueam in Amphoe Khlong Had, visitors will enjoy trekking to the cave through Chan Pha Forest, which is preserved by the villagers. Throughout the year, the cave is well ventilated with natural breezes and fresh mountain air. The inside of the cave is separated into 4 zones.
Zone 1 – Entering the cave mouth, visitors will be fascinated by a spacious oval area, naturally decorated with creamy white rocks.
Zone 2 – Descend from the tunnel to a large hall, where the sun shines through from the north. The area is pleasant with good air ventilation, and a cool breeze.
Zone 3 – Walk to ‘the pearl hall adorned with diamonds’. This spacious hall is the cave’s highlight, where stalactites and stalagmites form a pearly, oval Chedi decorated with glittering sand. Throughout the cave, the walls and ceiling are decorated with golden Bo leaf–like patterns, caused by rust formation as water trickles down through the rock. This cave is amazingly beautiful and interesting. 
Zone 4 – This zone is dubbed ‘the castle gate of the cave’. Smooth creamy stones are found at the cave mouth. In addition, there is an interesting stalactite and stalagmite formation which looks like a Buddha statue.
For further information, contact Tambon Khlong Had Administration Office, tel. 0 3751 2142, 08 9936 3880, 08 6101 1539.
Tel Tel: 037512142
Mobile Mobile: 0899363880
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