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A tiny island is the navy conservation area. It belongs to Mu Koh Samae San in Chonburi which is 4 km from Ban Samae San shore, Sattahip, Chonburi. It has an approximate area of 61 rai. Therefore, the island is not invaded by civilisation. Unnecessary buildings do not exist here except toilets and small shelters.
A one-day trip to Koh Kham needs to be booked in advance since activities involving conserving the environment such as growing coral are usually held on the island. Besides, the island serves as a small nature study classroom for people who want to learn about nature as well as for those who want a peaceful hideaway and need clean air.
Wind yourself up with the clean beach of Koh Kham or try exploring the island by rambling on the wooden pathway, which takes about half and hour.
Another must-do is to explore the coral garden which is under the surveillance of the Royal Thai Navy. This undersea spot is utterly unspoiled. At the far end of the array of buoys is the swimming zone where sea anemones are abundant as well as tiny Nemo, which is an adorable and famous fish.
Since the sea has been affected by El Nino causing the rapid rising of the sea temperature, coral bleaching has occurred. Some corals could revive but others could not. When the number of the coral is lessened, the homes of small fishes are also diminished. As a result, The Royal Thai Navy decided to establish "Reviving Coral Project".
According to several studies, Koh Kham has suitable ecology for growing corals as the seawater is transparent enough to allow the right amount of light into the water and the temperature of the water is rather stable as well as the degree of saltiness is perfect for corals to grow.
Therefore, as part of this project, the navy team picked the finest breed of coral and started to grow them in PVC nurseries, then brought it to the deep water. The outcome was positive as the corals grew rapidly and healthily.
As a consequence, this area has also become the hospital for healing coral reefs nearby. Coral reaching adulthood would be sent to the area where there is a lack of abodes for fishes as well as the unhealthy corals would be sent back to this hospital to heal then returned back to their origin to continue their duties.
Recommended Activities
- Snorkelling
- Exploring the coral reef by glass-bottom boat
-Toilets facilities are available but the restaurant is not open everyday, so it is advisable to bring your own food and beverage. Do not forget to take your rubbish back with you.
- Best time to travel to Koh Kham is between January - April.
- For more information, Please contact Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Pattaya Office.
How to get there
By Boat This island can be reached by marine ship which departs from Thai Island and Sea Natural History Museum. On the weekend, the ship will depart at specific times and takes 15-20 minutes to reach the island. (Recommend to book in advance) Tel. +668 6835 3231, +668 9936 9409
Tel Tel: 038432170
Mobile Mobile: 0899369409
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