Wat Pracha Bumrungkit

Wat Pracha Bumrungkit

Wat Pracha Bumrungkit

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Operating day: Daily
Operating time: 08.00 - 17.00
Wat Pracha Bumrungkit is the oldest temple of Amphoe Ban Poh. Located at Ban Nongban, Tambon Sib-edsok, Amphoe Ban Poh. Local people usually call it “Wat Nongban.”
The temple was bestowed Wisungkamsima in 1936 and had a monastic boundary in 28th February 1938. The buildings in this temple are sermon hall in a monastery, Buddhist sanctuary, crematory, monks’ dwelling and bell tower.
The holy objects of this temple are the Buddha image of Luangphor Chuan and Phra Buddhanimitr. The current abbot is Phrakru Smuhchare.
Wat Pracha Bumrungkit Map Wat Pracha Bumrungkit Map
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