Wat Pipitaprasart Sunthorn

Wat Pipitaprasart Sunthorn

Wat Pipitaprasart Sunthorn

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Operating day: Daily
Operating time: 08.00 - 17.00
Wat Pipitaprasart Sunthorn Located at Ban Lardkhwang, Tambon Lardkhwang, Amphoe Ban Poh. Its older name was Lardkhwang temple, but it had changed after the respectful abbots whose names were alike each others.
The temple’s buildings are ubosot, the sermon hall in a monastery, monks’ dwelling, viharn, meditation school and mondop. The sacred objects are principle Buddha image in a temple (Phrabhudda Chinarat), Luangphor Tao bronze statue (Luangphor Jue) and Luangpu Phrapromkunaphon.
Pipitprasartsoonthon encourages people to do activities on national, religious and royal institution important days, especially the women ordination.
Wat Pipitaprasart Sunthorn Map Wat Pipitaprasart Sunthorn Map
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