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Murrah Farm

Murrah Farm

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Operating day: Daily
Operating time: 08.30 - 16.30
Murrah Farm was established since year 2003 under the “Dairy Buffalo Breeding Community Enterprise”. Our objective is to be the original “Organic Farm” that develop dairy buffaloes to become the new livestock animal in Thailand.
For several years, Murrah Farm had raised and developed Murrah buffalo breed and started the milking process.
The milk content for Murrah buffalo breed is highly nutritious and can be used for many dairy products. We are determined to present “Premium, Organic and Allergy Free” products to customers.
We manage our farm in an organic system without any use of chemicals, pesticides or hormones injection to our animals. So that our customers can rely on us that we only provide clean, safe and highly quality products.
To obtain organic milk, we follow organic milk standard set by Department of Livestock Thailand where:
The organic milk has natural flavor. The organic milk contains no chemical, pesticides, or hormones The organic milk contains higher nutrition comparing to normal dairy animals that receive high feed concentrates.
The use of low feed concentrates helps generate natural Omega 3 and is safe from other substances that can be contaminated from additional feed concentrates that may affect human immune system and can cause allergy.
With this philosophy, we aim to be the best organic farm that starts from the beginning of the food chain cycle. First, we grow animal crops, such as baby corn and high protein grass to raise our own animals, milk the animal and process dairy products until serve to our customers. With this complete operation, we can control the quality and ensure that our customers receive premium products.
The farming system Murrah Farm set as an example is the Italian farming style, but we do adapt these know-how and techniques to suit with Thailand’s climate and environment. The fundamentals are as follows:
The size of land must be adequate to grow enough feed for all the animals we have in the farm all year round. We control the quality of our crops and ensure that our animal feed are free from pesticides or unwanted chemicals.
Murrah at different age requires different type and amount of feed consumption. They were categorized into groups based on age and gender and put into different pen
Separate and arrange animal sheds based on their age and feed requirement starting from newborns to milking buffalo.
Each buffalo shed must have enough space and have roof cover where buffaloes are protected from rain and sun burn and have access to clean drinking water and feed.
Besides feedlot, the buffaloes will be rotated to the field so that they can exercise and enjoy grazing. Have a good recode keeping system so that each animal can be traced to their historical breed. Have a clean milking facility. Have a dairy processing factory that meet the standard of Department of Health.
These fundamentals we pursue will ensure that our customers will receive organic and clean products freshly made from farm deliver to customers.
Tel Tel: 023732992
Mobile Mobile: 0866658398
Murrah Farm Map Murrah Farm Map
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