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Nakhon Nuang Khet Ancient Market

Nakhon Nuang Khet Ancient Market

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Operating day: Saturday - Sunday
Operating time: 08.30 - 16.30
Nakhon Nuang Khet Ancient Market is the market that lies along Nakhon Nuang Khet Canal. It has been run since the reign of King Rama V.
The stalls are made of old woods and the pedestrians and the bridges connect the area along the river together. Presently, Nuang Khet municipality renovated the market and the community nearby.
So, there are a variety of food stalls selling traditional Thai food either on ground and boat such as Thai curry, Noodles, Old style coffee, and fresh food.  
Nakhon Nuang Khet Ancient Market was named after the canal that came across the market. Previously, the local named this market by the name of ‘Si Yaek Tha Khai’ because Tha Khai Canal is nearby the area.
Later, the government made up a canal that connects San Saeb Canal and Tha Khai Canal together as well as Kwang Canal and Nuang Khet Canal. So, the junction was made up and later become the center of trading among the community.
Earlier, the area was mostly occupied by Chinese or Thai-Chinese merchant. But, after the time passing by, the market was gradual abandoned.
This is why Nuang Khet municipality needed to initiate the renovation project for this market. The purpose of the project is to make sure locals can earn more to sustain their life as well as to conserve a good old Thai culture. 
The highlight of the market any visitors will be impressed is the fact that you will be encounter with a retro atmosphere and, at the same time, can enjoy the nature and appreciate the prosperity of the past.
You can spot the lifestyle of the locals and can be fascinated with the old wooden building along the canal. Nakhon Nuang Khet Ancient Market is quite bigger than Baan Mai Market and Khlong Suan Market.
Plus, Nakhon Nuang Khet Ancient Market can give any visitors a chill because of its atmosphere that were rarely blended with the capitalism world.

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