Prasat Ban Prasat

Prasat Ban Prasat

Prasat Ban Prasat

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Located in Wat Prasat Phanaram, Ban Prasat, the Khmer ruins was adapted in later era like Si Khoraphum Khmer Ruins in Surin. Huai Thap Than Khmer Ruins has very similar roof, but quite higher. It comprises 3 brick stupa on laterite base in North-South direction standing in the laterite walls with arch gates.
It might have 4 gates in the past, but today only southern gate remains. The main stupa at the middle is a bit bigger than other two, but its roof, in rectangular shape, is shorter. It has only gate at the east with sandstone frame decorated with unfinished carved lintel depicting a man standing above the kiattimukha with flower frame.
The second stupa on another side has the same size but different style. The stupa is filled up with bricks, it has fault doors with sandstone door frame. There are carved lintel depicting the churning sea of milk lies in front of southern stupa.
Assumed from art style of the lintel, this Khmer Ruins may be built in the 11th Century with blending art style of Khlang and Bapuan, before being adapted later. How to get there: From Si Sa Ket City, use highway 22 for 39 kilometres, turn right at Amphoe Huai Thap Thann and keep going for other 8 kilometres.
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