Jim Thompson Farm

Jim Thompson Farm

Jim Thompson Farm

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Operating day: Daily
Operating time: 08.30 - 16.30
Jim Thompson Farm Takhop, Pak Thong Chai, Nakhon Ratchasima. The goals of Jim Thompson Farm are to preserve and pass on valuable culture of Thai-Laotian people living in northeastern region to Thais and foreigners in order to create awareness of the value of ancient and beautiful northeastern culture and tradition.
Nowadays, Jim Thompson Farm welcomes visitors everyday from December to the beginning of January. Jim Thompson has awareness of Mulberry and silk worm raising occupations which are the main income of agriculturists.
The farm also supports eco and cultural tourism which provide happiness and new experiences for visitors and agriculturist of the farm. There are many tourist attractions as follows.
Station1: Cosmos field and organic vegetable garden Jim Thompson Farm welcomes visitors with 50-rai pink Cosmos field and sky-high herbal and homegrown vegetable garden. Visitors will enjoy collecting vegetable from the garden by themselves at U-Pick Garden. The farm provides food and beverages before going to the next station.
Station 2: Pumpkin Field and Maze Field Absorb nature and Phayaprab Mountain and Lamsamsai Dam around you. Enjoy various colors of blooming flowers and maze field that you can explore and end up with the 360-degree viewpoint and the giant pumpkin field.
Station 3: Northeastern Village Appreciate various types of northeastern houses and religious buildings. Experience lifestyle, tradition, and culture of northeastern people such as Boonkhonlan, Honghodnam, lent candle making, and flower tree parade.
Enjoy photos of rare traditional lifestyle of northeastern people in the exhibition "Color and Art of Isan". The highlight of the year is the exhibition "Mon Mon Saonlai" which you can learn about Mulberry and silk worms from the birth to the innovation of them in the future.
Shopping handcraft silk of Jim Thompson and local handcrafts from every part of northeastern region. Don’t forget to meet "Boonlai" and his family, the wise Thai buffalos that are waiting for everyone at a hut in the field.
Station 4: Jim Village Learn the well-known and unique silk manufacturing process of Jim Thompson from the life of silk worms that creates natural fiber, drawing the silk from cocoon, bleaching and dyeing, to weaving and screening silk.
Station 5: Jim Market Enjoy the flower garden, rare giant eggplant field, hydroponic French marigold field, and fruit and vegetable houses. End the trip with Jim Market. Here you can buy various kinds of fruits, vegetables, trees, flowers, and products from Jim Thompson. You will leave Jim Thompson Farm Tour 2014 with fun and impressions.
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Mobile Mobile: 0856607336
Fax Fax: 027622569
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