Wat Si Bun Rueang (Ban Tai)

Wat Si Bun Rueang (Ban Tai)

Wat Si Bun Rueang (Ban Tai)

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Wat Si Bun Rueang (Ban Tai) Si Bun Rueang, Muang Mukdahan, Mukdahan.  In year 1947, the government constructed the Samran Chai Khong Road dividing Wat Sri Boonrueng area into 2 lands; the land next to Mekong River and the land on the west of Samran Chai Khong Road which is where Wat Sri Boonrueng is located at present.
In year 1983, the people in the village and the merchants of Mookdaharn market donated and bought the land next to the Mekong River in order to expand the area of the temple.
Moreover, there is another donator who donates another piece of land to the temple which is the area near Don Tarn around 1.5 kilometers from the city hall. At the present time, Wat Sri Boonrueng is under construction.
From the evidence regarding the construction and renovation of this temple, mentioned that it was built during the same period of building the Mookdaharn city (around 1767 - 1774) for the monks to stay. During that time, there are a few number of monks therefore there is no regular resident.
Therefore this temple is like the temple for pilgrimage monks. Then, Chao Kinnaree the ruler of the Mookdaharn city invited the government officials and the villagers to renovate this temple and made it a residence for the monks. Chao Kinnaree built an Ubosot in front of the temple and after it was finished, he named this temple Wat Sri Boonrueng.
During the time when Chao Kinnaree renovated the temples in front of the city (Wat Sri Mongkol Tai), he thought of building another one at the edge of the city which is Wat Sri Boonrueng in order to reach the people in every area.
It was noticed that the Ubosot built by Chao Kinnaree was faced toward the north side (most of the ubosot are faced towards the east or the west). The reason behind this is because Chao Kinnaree wanted to dedicate the ubosot to himself since he was from the northern region and did not live in his hometown so he made the ubosot faced the north direction.
After the ubosot were finished, he told the villagers to invite the two Buddha statues from Wat Sri Mongkol Tai to be the main Buddha Statue in this temple.
Both of these Buddha Statues were from the northern region as well as he himself and also his respect for these Buddha statues.
The wall of the ubosot shows the paintings of the Buddha’s history and outside is the picture of the afterlives in heaven and hell. Unfortunately, it was damaged and only the debris and the foundation were left.
Wat Si Bun Rueang (Ban Tai) Map Wat Si Bun Rueang (Ban Tai) Map
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