Wat Phu Chor Kor (Wat Banphot Kiri)

Wat Phu Chor Kor (Wat Banphot Kiri)

Wat Phu Chor Kor (Wat Banphot Kiri)

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Wat Phu Chor Kor (Wat Banphot Kiri) Nong Sung Tai, Nong Sung, Mukdahan. Wat Banphot Kiri is in Dhammayut Nikaya sect. The temple is located on PhuChorKor’s top which is the generous size of the hill with beautiful nature. There are mixed forest and various sizes of stones from small to big sizes. 
The temple was once where Luang Pu Lha Khemma Pattano, the wild monk under Luang Pu Mun, stayed. Luang Pu Man group is well-known as the monk group which is very strict in practicing Buddhist teaching and preaching Dhamma to people.
Wat Banphot Kiri has possessed a story since 1941. At first, Phra Ajarn Kao practiced Buddhism in the cave of Phu Chor Kor. Then he invited Wang villagers to build limestone Buddha image in front of the cave.
After that, many monks visited the place and stayed in the cave during the Buddhist Lent. Until 1957, Wang villagers invited Luang Pu Lha Khemma Pattano, who was staying at Phu Kao, Nhong Sung subdistrict, Mukdahan province, along with Phra Tarn, who was just became a monk, to stay in the cave of PhuChor Kor.
Later, Wang villagers built a monk’s cell on the plain behind the cave. Luang Pu Lha ordered to develop this temple into a religious place where people can come and practice Dhamma and develop their concentration which has become the important religious place in the northeastern region. Luang Pu Lha stayed at 
Wat Phu Chor Kor until the end of his day and passed away on 19th January 1997. He lived for the period of 84 years 11 months.
After Luang Pu Lha passed away, Luangta Maha Bua Yanna Sampanno of Wat Pa Ban Tat, UdornThani province with disciples discussed and agreed in the funeral ceremony and decided to build “Kham Patta Jedi Luang Pu Lha Khem Pattato” pagoda as a memorial monument. It was completed in 1999.
KhemPatta Jedi is an overturned-bell-shaped pagoda with over 22 meters height. It is decorated with fine ceramic from Italy. The lower floor is a multi-purpose hall for conducting religious ceremonies.
The upper floor is used as a museum to tell the story, work and eight necessities of Luang Pu Lha including the bones and the wax model so Buddhists can pay their respect to him.
At present, Wat Banphot or Wat Phu Chor Kor is known as an important religious place of Mukdahan and Buddhists where they can do the religious ceremonies, practice Dhamma, observe religious precepts, and purify their minds for concentration and wisdom in order to extinguish one’s sorrow according to the Buddha’s teaching. 
Wat Phu Chor Kor (Wat Banphot Kiri) Map Wat Phu Chor Kor (Wat Banphot Kiri) Map
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