Wat Phra Si Maha Pho

Wat Phra Si Maha Pho

Wat Phra Si Maha Pho

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Wat Phra Si Maha Pho Wan Yai, Wan Yai, Mukdahan. Wat Phra Sri Maha Po is the old national temple  which is over 100 years old. It is located in the heart of the city of Khong riverside.
It is located at Ban Wan Yai, Wan Yai subdistrict. Inside the temple is the historical site called E-sarn Sim (the hall). The Sim was built in 1916 with combination of western, Thai, Vietnamese and French art. There are three walls 
in the hall. The walls are decorated in Houp Taem style. The mural narrates the story of Vessantara which was painted by local artists. The painting is stunningly beautiful and hard to find nowadays.
However, the mural at present receives less popularity than in the past. There is also the picture of when Prince Damrong Dejanubarb was sitting on the cart while visiting provinces in the northeastern county.
Inside the temple is the old cell which was renovated into the public library. It was built by Vietnamese architecture by using French architectural style with unique entrance arch and curved windows which differentiate this cell from other sermon halls in Buddhism temples in Thailand.
Wat Phra Si Maha Pho is the mind center for Wan Yai district Buddhist villagers. It is where important religious ceremonies and cultures of Wan Yai district villagers are held.
Around Wat Sri Maha Po, it is possible to see the beautiful scenery of Khong river which is the borderline between Thailand and Lao People’s Democratic Republic.
In draught season, the water in Khong river and Wan Yai district area is so dry that there are numerous small dunes emerged in Khong river.
Both Thai and Laos people love to do the agriculture there since the islands are full of fertilizer and minerals which are good for planting. The vegetables can grow fast and beautifully. Moreover, Khong river is where Wan Yai district people do their fishery.
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