Phu Kum Khao Site

Phu Kum Khao Site

Phu Kum Khao Site

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Phu Kum Khao Site Non Buri, Sahasakan, Kalasin. Geologists and faculty from the Department of Mineral Resources have come to explore the geology of this area. Discovered dinosaur bone fossils.
Later, in 1980, the Thai-French geological survey led to the study of three bones. It is found in the front leg of a dinosaur (Sauropod).
Until the year 2537, he has conducted excavations and systematically preserve. Found many dinosaur fossils about 130 million years old. The excavation found more than 700 plant-eating dinosaur bones. Assumed to be a piece of dinosaur around 7. 
There are also the remains of ancient fish species of the world is in perfect condition. Is a freshwater fish called "Leipidotest". Long about 30-60 centimeters. 65 million years ago.
It is expected that the area will be large marshes and drought, causing fish to die. Mud and debris on them as fossils. Phu Kum Khao Site, It is a source of fossil bones, large dinosaur bones and perfect in Thailand.
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