Wat Sa Hong

Wat Sa Hong

Wat Sa Hong

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Wat Sa Hong Na Sieow, Muang Chaiyaphum, Chaiyaphum. The temple area is rock slope, where one of the rocks happens to have a swan-like shape (Hong). Behind the temple pavilion, there is a ten-meter-wide ancient pond just in the middle of the hill.
Another interesting attraction is Phu Phra, which is located three meters from the pond. Phu Phra is part of Phu Lan Kha. The mountain ridge is located 210 meters above sea level. Most parts are stone cliff and wide, open space.
At the stone wall, there are nine images of Buddha. One of which, called "Phra Chao Ong Tue", is very large. Sitting in diamond position, the image is five feet high and seven feet tall.
The image is right hand is placed on the lap and the left hand on the left leg (the hands position are opposite to the Subduing Mara Mudra. In front of the large Buddha, there is a seven-inch sand stone Buddha image.
Also, there are seven more Buddha images placed around a sandstone pillar, five of which sits in diamond posture and the other two in the same posture as Phra Chao Ong Tue.
These Buddha images were created around the 18th-19th century. On March 8, 1935, Fine Arts Department listed the temple an archeological site. Later, the Department also marked other listed archaeological areas in the province to prevent damages.
Thanks to its originally thick forest, Wat Sa Hong used to be dharma practice site for some instructors, such as Phra Ajarn Mun, Phra Ajarn Fun and Luang Pu Waen.
Each year, Buddhist believers from all over the country will travel to pay respect to Phra Chao Ong Tue at Phu Phra. This is believed to heal the sick and grant people’s wishes. The festival will last for three days, starting from the full moon day in April.
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